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Fassett Lane Lumber to continue $100 monthly prize for 2024 !


Read about some of the winners from 2023 and a new “shop local” promotion coming this year!

By Andrew Harris

Small businesses have a hard time thanking customers for loyalty and support. Owners Dan and Butch at Fassett Lane wanted to do a little something more than just “thank you for your business,” at the start of 2023.

After tossing around the idea, it seemed appropriate start making that a BIG thank you by putting $100 into a random customers pocket. A monthly drawing for anyone who visited Fassett Lane was started and that worked out great during the last year. So much so that the owners made a decision to keep it going, and kick it up a notch for the coming year:

“We have decided to continue our Customer Appreciation Giveaway through 2024. This has been a fun promotion and we would like to thank you for your support. Fassett Lane is working on another giveaway promoting local merchants and will share details once we complete our list of participating merchants.”

It sounds like if winning $100 isn’t enough, there will be even more reason to stop into the locallly owned hardware and lumber yard in 2024.

Read about some of the winners that we reported on in 2023 along with the still, mysterious, Mystery winner !!

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