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By Lacey Gardner

Fassett Lane announces new winner of monthly $100 drawing: Molly Cole !


Molly is a Wellsville native, budding financial advisor, and dedicated to the local economy

By Andrew Harris

Another month has passed and another winner has emerged!! The latest $100 prize goes to a third generation Wellsville all-star Molly Cole! To say she comes from “great stock” is an understatement, her parents are Mary Kate and Jeremy Cole. Molly has continued the family tradition of being a leader in business and community service. Molly is well underway with a career at Gem Wealth Planning in Wellsville and is an active part of the Wellsville Development Corporation, currently the secretary.

We asked her a few questions about her big win and life in Wellsville:

Q- Congrats on the big win!! It is always nice to be surprised and we gotta know how you plan to spend the hundred bucks ?

A- It was a big surprise for me! I stopped in to Fassett Lane a couple of weeks ago to have some keys made, I saw the giveaway box and thought, “why not?” I plan to buy a tool kit!

Q- As a well-known local businesswoman you must shop Fassett Lane for good reason.  Can you give readers an idea why you choose to shop at Fassett ?

A-I tagged along to Fassett Lane trips with my dad often when I was a kid, and now as an adult- I shop their myself. I appreciate the convenience of the store, and the staff is very knowledgeable about the products and services they offer. Most importantly, the staff is incredibly friendly!

Q- Your career path has landed you at the Wellsville financial firm Gem Wealth Planning Group.  Can you explain what services Gem provides and are you accepting new clients currently?

A-Certainly! Gem Wealth Planning Group offers a variety of services, but our most popular ones include investment services, retirement, distribution planning, and my personal favorite, financial plans! We are accepting new clients! Our office is very welcoming, we want clients and prospects to feel at home when they step into our office. If you are thinking about setting up an appointment with us, keep in mind; you have to start somewhere, why not start now?

Q- Wellsville is having quite small business revival lately, with many strong young women running great businesses. How do we keep that trend going strong ?  

A-We can keep this trend going by supporting the existing businesses. Shopping local, sharing a business’s social media posts, talking about positive experiences you’ve encountered with those businesses. Those actions go a long way. Sustaining an encouraging network of Wellsville Businesses can aid new ideas and new ventures! Wellsville has a very supportive community.

Q- You are a native Wellsvillian like me, graduated from Wellsville High and chose to stay invest yourself in the community.  How do we inspire more locals to stay after graduation, or come back after college or military service ?

A-In late 2017, I was on Winter Break from my freshman year at Alfred State College and I was looking for a part-time job. I reached out to a dear family friend (Geralyn Gough,) as I’d heard she was looking for an assistant.

After almost six years of working here I’ve gone from assistant to intern, to office manager, and now I am training and preparing to become a Financial Advisor, like Geralyn! I hope that my story will inspire Wellsville youth to establish themselves in the village or town after they graduate! Reach out to family members and friends, get the word out you are looking for a job, or are interested in a specific industry. Network and make new connections, ask questions, you never know what could come from asking. Wellsville is full of opportunities; it is a wonderful town to work and live in, I hope more people will see that in the coming years.

Tap to connect with Molly at Gem!!

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