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By Lacey Gardner

The Golden Crone: Don’t Get Stuck!


  Did you know we just passed July’s New Moon? I find I achieve my goals most successfully when I follow the natural cycles that exist within my body and without; in the universe. So I keep a close eye on the moon. Now is a great time to boot any bad habits or thought patterns that might be blocking your progress or keeping you stuck mentally.

 Give yourself a few minutes each day to spend time day dreaming. Allow yourself to to lean into incredibly beautiful possibilities for your life. If you’re so inclined, write down your thoughts, and physical responses, experienced while imagining your dream life. As you go through your day, consider how your actions and patterns align with your goals. Are you saying, doing and preparing for the life you want, or, are you holding yourself apart from your potential? Why? Be honest.

 I know this may seem kinda out there to some, but The Crone wants you to know that life is what you make it. Please don’t limit yourself because you’re hesitant to try something new. You may be surprised by your own capabilities.

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