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Pollock: There are 89 ways to bet on Taylor Swift’s coming out party, the Super Bowl


A column by CHUCK POLLOCK, Senior Sports Columnist

Back in my days at the Times Herald, on Super Bowl Saturday, I did a column on the game’s prop bets … things like length of the national anthem, how many touchdowns would be scored and what color Gatorade would be dumped on the winning coach.

This year it’s different.

The BetONline gambling website sent me 89 Taylor Swift-related prop bets.

Apparently, people aren’t sick of betting on her props and oddsmakers are keeping up with demand.

BetOnline manager Adam Burns explained, “The Taylor Swift Effect is real as we felt it throughout the NFL season, and now at an exponential level leading up to the Super Bowl. It feels like the Swift storylines have become bigger than the game itself, which is crazy considering this is the most watched event in the world every year.”

I’m not going to burden you with all 89 of the possible wagers as some of them preceded Super Sunday and others are for down-the-road possible events; marriage proposal, honeymoon site, possible maids of honor or best men etc.

Here are some I decided to share:

1. Will she wear a Travis Kelce jersey during the game?

2. What color top will she wear at the game? Best odds, red, followed by white.

3. What will she wear on the bottom? Shorts, skirt, pants, dress, leggings, leotard.

4. Lipstick color?

5. How many Chiefs/Kelce jewelry pieces will Swift wear? Over/under 5.

6. Swift’s headwear? Hat, knit cap.

7. Will Swift’s travel from Japan to Las Vegas be shown?

8. Will a picture of Swift/Kelce be shown during pregame?

9.Who will be seen first during the National Anthem? Swift, Kelce or both at same time

10. Will Swift be seen during the National Anthem?

11. Will Swift be shown during America the Beautiful?

12. How many times will Swift be shown live? Over under/5.5

13. How long will Swift be shown live? Over/under 40.5 seconds

14. How long after kickoff until Swift is shown? Over/under 7.5 minutes

15. What quarter will Swift be shown live the first time?

16. Will Swift be shown live after Chiefs first TD?

17. Which half will Swift be shown more?

18. What will happen first, initial touchdown or Swift live shot?

19. Which will be higher Swift live shots or Kelce receptions?

20. Will Swift be holding drink during a live shot?

21. Will Swift be seen mouthing curse word?

22. Will Swift appear in a Super Bowl commercial?

23. Who will be seen first, Swift’s mom or dad?

24. Will both of Swift’s parents be at the game?

25. Where will Donna Kelce be sitting, in front of, beside or behind Swift?

26. Where will Brittany Mahomes be sitting, in front of, beside or behind Swift?

27. Who will be shown live the most times, Swift or Olivia Culpo, Christian McCaffery’s fiance?

28. Who will say Taylor Swift first, Jim Nantz or Tony Romo?

29. Which song will Romo make a football reference first? Bad Blood, Blank Space, Karma, Shake It off

30. Will Swift be shown live during halftime show?

31. Will Usher perform a Taylor Swift song?

32. Will Usher give a shoutout to Swift during halftime show?

33. Will Swift appear on-stage with Usher at halftime?

34. Which will be higher, Swift’s Granny nominations (6) or Kelce’s Super Bowl catches?

35. Will Swift be seen crying if Chiefs lose?

36. Who will Swift hug first after the game, Andry Reid or Patrick Mahomes?

37. Will Donna Kelce hug Swift?

38. Will Swift put on a championship hat or shirt?

39. Will Kelce propose to Swift on the field?)

40. Will Kelce propose to Swift and win MVP?

41. Will Kelce and Swift be shown kissing?

42. Will Kelce or Swift say ‘I love you’ on the field?

43. Who will the MVP refer to first in hisspeech? Teammates, God, fans, family, coaches, team owner, Swift

44. Will Super Bowl MVP mention Swift in speech?

45. Will Reid mention Swift in his speech?

46. Will Swift speak on stage during postgame ceremony?

47. Who will be first to post on social media after the game, Swift or Brittany Mahomes?

48. Will Swift say “game rigged” if Chiefs lose?

49 Will Culpo say “game rigged” if 49ers lose?

50. Will Swift endorse Joe Biden the after game?

51. Will Joe Biden mention Swift in his pregame interview on CBS?

52. Who will Biden mention first in the pregame interview, Swift or Mahomes?

53. Will Donald Trump mention Swift on Truth Social sometime Sunday?

Had enough?

Me too, after all, there is still a pretty important game.

I don’t really care who wins, but many Bills fans don’t want Kansas City again and are picking accordingly while millions of others are sick of the Taylor Swift phenomenon (see above).

Looking at it purely from a football standpoint, this is where I am. The betting line has finally settled at San Francisco minus-2 and that would seem pretty accurate. This figures to be a close game but, in my mind, other than Patrick Mahomes, San Francisco has the better skill position players between the two teams.

49ers 27, Chiefs 23

(Chuck Pollock, a Wellsville Sun senior sports columnist, can be reached at

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