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By Lacey Gardner

Allegany County Board of Legislators: GOP Leadership Caucus re-elects leadership


Harris, Demick, and Havey re-nominated for 2024 posts

The annual Allegany County Board of Legislators Republican Leadership Caucus was held to select the Republican Candidates for Leadership for the coming year following the regular November 8, 2023, Board Meeting. The results were as follows: W. Brooke Harris (Alfred, District V) was selected as Republican Candidate for Chairman of the Legislature and Kevin “Fred” Demick (Angelica, District I) selected as the Republican Candidate for Vice-Chairman of the Legislature. Steven Havey (Wellsville, District IV) was selected as Majority Leader for 2024. The candidates will be voted on by the full Board of Legislators at the Organizational Meeting on January 2, 2024, at 2:00 p.m.

Chairman of the Allegany County Legislature W. Brooke Harris reacted:


“I’m thankful for the Board’s continued support of me as Chair in 2024. The work of county government is challenging, collaborative, and shared. Recent successes have only been achieved through the hard work and dedication of the Board, administration, department heads, and County workforce. 

I’m particularly thankful that Vice-Chair Fred Demick and Majority Leader Steve Harvey have chosen to continue serving the County in those roles. They’re great teammates and devoted public servants.

For the County Legislature, 2023 was a year largely focused on research and planning. In 2024, we look forward to implementing projects and strategies that will make Allegany County a more attractive place to live, work, and visit.”

Current Vice-Chairman of the legislature, Kevin “Fred” Demick issued this statement:

“I greatly appreciate the Legislative Board’s continued support & confidence in me to continue as their Vice-Chair in 2024. I’m excited to continue working with Chairman Brooke Harris & Majority Leader Steve Havey as well as the entire Legislative Board. 

In 2023, we worked diligently at putting together a game plan to address many needs within Allegany County. This has included Professional Consultant studies to help with research and our planning for moving forward. For 2024, we hope to start moving forward with many of these projects that will benefit all of Allegany County for a much better-quality of life in our future.

I would also like to mention how fortunate Allegany County is to have a team of professional and dedicated employees that we look to help implement the many projects & studies we’ve put together in 2023. These dedicated employees include but certainly not limited to our Legislators, Administration staff, department heads as well as the entire County workforce. We all look forward to working hard for the people of Allegany County so you can be proud to have the best place to live, visit & work.”

Republican Majority Leader Steven Havey is glad to be re-elected and made this statement:


“On November eighth it was an honor to be re-elected to the position of Majority Leader of the Allegany County Legislature.  I am humbled that my colleagues saw fit to entrust me with this responsibility.  My position is made easier because of the dedicated Legislators that I serve with.  They are all serious Public Servants and have the best interests of Allegany County at heart.  Because there is no Minority Leader, this position is much less “political” than it might have been. My focus is more insuring that Legislators are supported with information, context and the time to get their questions answered and opinions aired. It is important to note that this Legislature is made up of independent thinkers and does not need to be “lead”.  This again makes my job as Majority Leader more effective.  My goal is that your Legislature is able to make smart, informed decisions to move our county forward.

I enjoy my position as Majority Leader and pledge, as do all our county Legislators, to serve Allegany County to the best of our ability.”

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