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By Lacey Gardner

Learn to save a life, learn how to use NARCAN


Steuben County Public Health: Take the online class, recieve free NARCAN, save a life

By Andrew Harris

If you haven’t been directly impacted by the opiod crisis over the last decade and a half, consider yourself lucky. Also consider that opioid overdoses, and now synthetic opioid overdoses(Fentynal,) can happen to those addicted, a one-time accident, and even young children.

You don’t need an opioid addict in your life to be directly impacted by an overdose. Why not be ready to intervene and save a life?

Steuben County Public Health has a new program for anyone who understands that an overdose can be reversed with a simple dose of NARCAN. A quick video class on how to use NARCAN and participants will recieve a dose of NARCAN. You may need it for a struggling family member. You may need it for a complete stranger who has overdosed.

Fentynal has swept the nation and this synthetic opioid is much much stronger and has been found in many other “street drugs.” Fentynal has also been found in counterfeit presricption medicines like Xanax.

Why not be prepared ?

It happens to be Random Acts of Kindness Day and what’s more kind than saving lives? Public Health can now mail free Narcan kits to residents! Watch a quick video at and fill out the request form.

May be an image of text that says 'NARCAN TRAINING Watch a quick video online and have Narcan mailed to you for free! w Narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose if used timely. Get trained. Get free Narcan. Carry Narcan. Save Lives. Public Health Steuben County NY NASALSPR NARCAN w'

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