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By John Tucker

Allegany County Legislature wraps up 2022


Final full board meeting starts at 2pm, Wednesday December 28

By Andrew Harris

The last week of work for the Allegany County Legislature, and county administration is one of the busiest weeks of the year. The mix of regular business before the board and housekeeping to prepare for the year to come is reflected in the last agenda of the year.

At the top of the fifty-five resolutions that will be before the board this week is a message to Governor Hochul. In solidarity with many other counties, Allegany County supports a 20 year retirement option for law enforcement officers.

In another nod of support for many county employees, the board will approve a pay raise for department heads and other “white collar” county positions. Read our reporting last month on the raises and some of pushback from the “blue collar” workforce.—->

As expected the board will approve to move another pile of money from American Rescue Funds Act stash into Medical Transport Services Inc. bank account. MTS appeared this month at the Ways and Means committee meeting to inform the board that the business will run out of operating cash by February 2023. The full board is expected to pass that resolution for another $125,000 investment into MTS. That approval comes as the legislature mulls how to address the future of emergency services. Read our reporting on the initial agreement between Allegany County and MTS.

The board will be asked to approve multiple new job positions within the county, namely the Public Defender Office and for county Emergency Services.

2022 will be wrapped up with numerous budget adjustment, the establishment of capital accounts, inter-agency agreements and pacts between the county and dozens of outside contractors.

Look for our “Allegany County 2022 in Review,” coming out for the New Year, detailing the top stories in county government in 2022.

Here is our reporting on the big news in Allegany County politics for 2023: W. Brooke Harris will become the next leader of the Allegany County Legislature.

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