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Whitesville Rural Cemetery will be participating in Wreaths Across America


By Jan Bierman Talbett

There have been many times over the years, that I have stood on my back porch and listened as a military funeral was taking place. The sound of the gun salute, the haunting sound of a lone bugle playing taps, the honor being shown to that lone veteran, those things always get to my heart. This is one of the reasons I decided to bring Wreaths Across America to Whitesville.

Once I got things set up with Wreaths Across America, I contacted my neighbor, David Flamini. David had told me a few years ago about his experience with Wreaths Across America. He and his nephews, Scott, Jeremy, and Chris, are the owners of Flamini Trucking, and have all taken part, multiple times, in the convoy from Columbia, Maine, to Arlington National Cemetery. They will tell you how humbling and moving this experience has been for them. These guys donate, not only their time, but all expenses involved in delivering the wreaths.

When I asked David if he had an interest in being part of Wreaths Across America for Whitesville, he readily said yes. The fact that Dave will be delivering his own hometown’s wreaths is special enough, add to that that he will have the honor of delivering the wreaths for his own father, brother, and great uncle, well…if that doesn’t tug at your heart, nothing will.

David came up with the idea and design for a Wreaths Across America float for the bicentennial parade. Three generations of Flamini’s pitched in, making it an amazing float. Running back and forth as so many people were working on this float, brought me to think, what a wonderful example the Flamini’s are to their children and grandchildren, not only by being the kind of neighbors who come to the rescue when something breaks, but by teaching their children family values, kindness, and respect. I can’t thank them enough for being part of this effort!

It is said that as long as someone says your name, you are never forgotten. We would like to see that every one of our veterans is remembered by speaking their name, as a wreath is placed on their grave Dec. 17th. This will be a community event, with the ceremony and wreath laying to start at noon.

Please consider helping us by sponsoring a wreath. You are welcome to sponsor a particular veteran, or perhaps a veteran who may not have any family left to honor them. If you choose a specific veteran, you will need to contact me so that we can make sure a wreath is set aside for that veteran. If you have a veteran you would like to honor who is not in a participating cemetery, you are welcome to order one to be delivered to our cemetery, which you can then pick up, and take to the cemetery you choose. Please make sure to let me know if you choose to do that, as well. My own father is buried in Wellsville, so I will be doing this to honor him.

The cost to sponsor a wreath is $15. The Friends of the Whitesville Rural Cemetery is participating in the give back program through WAA. For every wreath sponsored through our link $5 will be donated back to the cemetery. This means you are helping in two ways, instead of one. If you

prefer not to sponsor online, we can give you a paper form with our ID number on it, which can be sent to WAA.

Our community does not currently have a veteran’s memorial. The funds generated from the give back program will go into a fund to help procure a memorial.

If you would like any more info on WAA, how to sponsor a wreath, or to donate to the Veteran’s Memorial Fund, please feel free to join our Facebook group Friends of the Whitesville Rural Cemetery Wreaths Across America, call Jan @ 607-368-1105 or email

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