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By Lacey Gardner

Allegany County Legislature to meet Wednesday November 2 for vote on pay raise law, see proposed new payroll numbers


The board will be voting to approve the law which permits the pay increases

Approval of actual pay increase will require additional board approval

By Andrew Harris

Last week the Allegany County Legislature held a public hearing on a proposed local law which would increase the pay of most department heads, directors, deputies, and other non-union positions.

Normally, a sparsely attended public hearing lasts the minimum period of time and then the government votes to approve the local law. Last week, the board took a pause from that normal course and “tabled” the vote to allow for more deliberations. That vote to approve the local law must be approved this week in order to meet NYS law.

Voting to approve the local law which allows Allegany County to increase the pay of many positions doesn’t necessarily mean that raises will be approved. That would require additional approval from the legistlature.

Last week Wellsville Sun readers seemed to forecast the upcoming vote on the local law. Every source that we have close to the vote indicate that the local law will be approved. 58% of our readers agreed that Allegany County needs to keep pace with inflationary pressures in order to retain quality talent.

Read the full list of pay rates that will be included in the new local law:

Commencing on January 1, 2023, the annual salary of the incumbents of the following County offices shall be as follows:

Clerk of the Board                                                      $  92,300

Community Services Director (PT)                                 $  50,455

County Administrator                                                 $146,400

County Attorney                                                              $120,950

County Clerk                                                                   $  95,100

County Treasurer                                                           $114,950

Election Commissioners (PT)                                         $  21,000

Employment & Training Director                                     $  82,650

Information Technology Director                                     $102,150

Office for the Aging Director                                           $  82,000

Personnel Officer                                                            $102,150

Planning Director                                                            $  87,000

Public Defender                                                              $114,000

Public Health Director                                                     $  96,250

Public Works Superintendent                                         $133,903

Real Property Tax Director                                             $  89,650

Social Services Commissioner                                       $  93,450

Youth Director                                                                 $  47,834


Legislative Positions: 
     County Legislator8,500
     Chairman of the Board8,500
     Majority Leader300
     Minority Leader300
Elected Officials: 
     Sheriff                             87,050
Aging, Office for the: 
     Drivers and Aides15-17/hr.
     Site Managers15-17/hr.
     Local Transport300 p/d
     Autopsy Transport – Olean450 p/d
     Autopsy Transport – Monroe600 p/d
County Administrator’s Office: 
     Deputy County Administrator87,000
     Deputy County Administrator II (PT)                                    66,500
     Deputy Budget Officer6,000
     Deputy County Auditor4,800
     E-911 Enumerators (PT)(Hourly)15/hr.
County Attorney’s Office: 
     Assistant County Attorney (2)84,350
District Attorney’s Office: 
     Assistant District Attorney (1)108,000
     Assistant District Attorney (2) (PT)87,400
     Assistant District Attorney (3)      Assistant District Attorney (4) (PT)97,540 70,000
     Assistant District Attorney (5) (PT)54,100
     Crime Victims Coordinator      District Attorney Investigator36,679 30,000

Intro. No. 321-22                                                                                                                              Page 2 of 3 pages

Economic Development and Planning: 
     Assistant Director of Econ. Dev. & Planning62,750
     Economic Development Director         69,000
Elections, Board of: 
     Deputy Election Commissioners47,750
     Election Machine Tech 117.20/hr.
     Election Machine Tech 217.20/hr.
     Election Inspectors – Primary14.20/hr.
     Election Inspectors – General                       14.20/hr.          
     Election Inspectors – Training                       14.20/hr.
     Election Coordinator – Primary                                                                      17.20/hr.
     Election Coordinator – General17.20/hr.
Emergency Management and Fire: 
     Emergency Management & Fire Director71,750
Employment & Training: 
     SYEP Summer Counselors16-20/hr.
Health Department: 
     Medical Director21,000
     Physical Therapist (EI PT)170.40
     Occupational Therapist (EI PT)170.40
     Speech-Language Pathologist (EI PT)    170.40
     Special Education Teacher (EI PT)170.40
Office Aide15-17/hr.
Probation Office: 
    Probation Director                                                               78,050
Public Defender’s Office: 
     Assistant Public Defender (1)108,000
     Assistant Public Defender (2)100,750
     Assistant Public Defender (3)97,800
     Assistant Public Defender (4)84,350
     Assistant Public Defender (5)51,500
     APD Investigative Case Assistant57,400
Public Works, Department of: 
     Laborers (Gatekeepers) (PT)15/hr.
     Seasonal Laborers15/hr.
Rushford Lake: 
     Recreation Leader20/hr.
Sheriff’s Office: 
     Undersheriff                                                                           74,650
Social Services: 
      Senior Atty. in Dept. of Social Services (PT)87,400
      Attorney in Dept. of Social Services88,250
STOP DWI Program: 
      STOP-DWI Coordinator23,916

Intro. No. 321-22                                                                                                                           Page 3 of 3 pages

Veterans’ Service Agency: 
      Veterans’ Service Agency Director78,400
Workers’ Compensation 
      Workers’ Comp. Executive Secretary77,950

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