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Happy Birthday Chuck Wiser


Sun Columnist makes another trip around

By Andrew Harris, pictured is the Wiser Family a few years ago

In case you haven’t noticed, Chuck Wiser is a true original, about as authentic as they get. Whether you enjoy his weekly columns which “wramble” on about a “wrandom” topics, or not, you still have to marvel at this prolific fellow.

Besides being an writer, Wiser qualifies for many designations, some of which I have listed below. At the top of the list are his greatest titles, which tell you the most important thing about Chuck: He is a dedicated family man. After over fifty years of marriage, he worships the ground his wife walks on, and often he must tip-toe on said ground to keep himself out of trouble. Chuck beams about his kids, with such pride that it often turns into a poem. I don’t think he has forgotten a moment of their lives. As a grandfather, that same swelling pride is something he wears on his sleeve, as grateful as possible for them all.

While that might be a large part of the persona of Chuck Wiser, this list gives you an idea just how complex of a guy he is:

Husband, Father, Grandfather

Son, Brother, Uncle

Friend, Musician, Poet, Nature lover

Teacher, Professor, Reader, Writer

Veteran, Mentor, Historian

Golfer, Hunter, Birdwatcher

Trickster, Jokester, Wrambler….

And don’t forget Columnist!!

Happy Birthday Wiser, I believe I speak for all of your readers with that wish! Thank you for making the Sun a much more interesting part of our universe!!

Here are a few of Chuck’s “Wramblings” from the archives in case you missed them:

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