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It’s back! Texas Hot sign returns to route 417/Andover Road east of Wellsville


The familiar wave and welcome to Wellsville has returned

By Andrew Harris

For as long as I can remember, the billboard on the north side of route 417, aka the Andover Road, was the classic Texas Hot advertisment. It simply had the iconic “Texas Hot boy” and the name in green letters. When you were traveling into Wellsville from the east, it was hard not to get a little hungry.

From the best memories available, the Texas Hot put that sign up in the 1950’s.

Then suddenly the sign disappeared and was replaced with various public service announcements. I can’t recall one specifically and I drive by almost daily, indicating just how effective that Texas Hot ad was!!

After a few years of absense, the billboard is back and updated with a slightly more modern version. College kids racing by will be filled with thoughts of Texas cheeseburgers and piles of fries with gravy. Weary travelers will be reminded to swing down Main Street for a takeout bag full of “hots.” A working parent racing home from Alfred or Hornell will see that sign and make decision: It’s Texas Hot for dinner!

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