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For the Goldman Family, Alfred NY is home


Double interview with two brothers; one a Saxon and the other a Pioneer

1985 ASC Alum: “I am definitely a VERY proud dad”

By Andrew Harris

The Goldman’s live in Clifton Park NY, a suburb of Albany, over four hours from Alfred. Jeff, father of three adult kids now, is a Alfred State College graduate. Alfred must have really made a strong impression on Jeff, because two of his three children are currently going to school in the sleepy college town. Robert is a senior at Alfred State and Nicholas is a junior AU Saxon.

Jeff, a retired NYS Trooper, and his wife spend many weekends in Alfred watching the boys play football and thrive academically. Samantha, who is Robert’s twin sister, is attending SUNY Oneonta and plans to become an elementary teacher. Oneonta is convienently about halfway between Clifton Park and Alfred.

As you can see from the family photo above, the Goldman’s are living the dream, much of that spent in Alfred NY.

The NY Landquest team are big fans!!!

We asked Robert and Nicolas a few questions about life, about Alfred, and thier post-Alfred goals. These Shenendehowa Central School graduates are both football players and are academic standouts.

First, which school do you attend, which team do you play on, and what positions?

Nicholas: I attend Alfred University, and I play football there. I am number 20, and play safety.

Robert: I attend Alfred State College of Technology I am in the Bachelor of architecture, I am the long snapper and I also kick for Alfred State.

 If Alfred U and Alfred State teams went head to head today, who wins and why ?

Nicholas: If Alfred University and Alfred State went head to head, I personally believe Alfred University would win. Although I believe Alfred State is a great school that’s been really good over the years, I still believe Alfred University would win because we’ve played in a stronger conference and have a more close knit team, with an amazing coaching staff.

Robert: Most definitely Alfred State, we have such a tight group of players along with a great coaching staff that would allow us to surpass Alfred University.

Why did you choose Alfred State and Alfred U, or actually Alfred NY?

Nicholas: I chose Alfred University due to the fact that it has extremely strong academics and it gave me the opportunity to continue to play football on a really competitive team, in a conference of other great teams. Moving forward, I chose Alfred, New York because it’s a small, close-knit community, where everyone truly cares about each other. In other bigger communities, you don’t feel the same type of connection with the community and everyone around you that you do in Alfred, New York. 

Robert: My dad actually attended Alfred State when it was still a 2 year school and enjoyed it a lot and when I visited Alfred I felt a connection here along with the fact that my brother and I could be right across the street from each other which is not only convinent for us but also our parents who want to watch us play.

What is the best thing about Alfred NY?

Nicholas: In my opinion, the best thing about Alfred, New York is the community itself. Due to the fact that it’s so small, you really feel valued and important. In bigger cities and communities, sometimes you feel like a number instead of an individual. In Alfred, that never happens.

Robert: Alfred NY is a very small town but the people here are what drives the town, the people here are so welcoming to the students and we really enjoy what they do to make this town feel like our home.

Your GPA is pretty impressive, what is your major? Dream job after college?

Nicholas: I am working towards my bachelors degree in biology. I’m not entirely sure what my dream job is after college, but it may possibly be a physician’s assistant (PA) or a New York State Trooper. 

Robert: I’m working towards a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a concentration in building technology, I’m not sure about my dream job but possibly being a police officer for New York Police Department, or an architect.

Have your parents ever missed a game?

Nicholas: My parents have missed a few of my games, but only because they’ve decided to go to my brother’s game instead. When they decide to do that though, they still watch my game online. Sometimes, my mom goes to one game, and my dad goes to another.

Robert: My parents have never missed a game except for the games that they go to my brother’s game but when they are at his game they are watching my game on their phones.

Can you name drop a teacher or coach who has had a positive impact on you in Alfred?

Nicholas: It’s hard to name one, singular person that has had a positive impact on me while in Alfred, New York, because almost everyone has. All of my coaches have been awesome, and all of my professors have been awesome as well. It’s too hard to name just one person, because I feel like that would be doing a disservice to everyone else that has positively impacted here. 

Robert: My head coach(Scott Linn,) has had a positive impact on me during my stay at Alfred State, he is an amazing coach and an even more amazing person, who is available whenever I have questions comments or concerns.

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