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Thanks! The Wellsville Sun doesn’t exist without you


“I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss—you can’t do it alone.” – John Cheever

By Andrew Harris

A quick missive to you today, no matter who you are. You, by reading this site have created something very important: A more connected community. Everyone who reads this site is instantaneously connected to each other, and for many re-connected every day. That creates a conceptual fabric between us, sharing the same information on a daily basis. This web, or fabric is essential to a society that naturally wants and needs to be connected.

Me and Anderson and Baldwin can work day and night, write and create content by the terrabyte, and it would be all for not without you. Tim Shea, Andrews Salvage, or Evans Insurance would not be supporting this site if you didn’t read it everyday. Nancy Hart wouldn’t have partnered with us to advertise her awesome Irish gift shop if you were not reading. Vonnie Walker would never be using this site to market her successful business if you didn’t visit the Sun everyday. Our friends at ALCO Federal Credit Union wouldn’t be part of this publication without you.

Many of our readers offer regular thanks for the Sun, they thank us for featuring stories that are important to them, and they thank us for trying to rebuild the community fabric that disappeared with the Wellsville Daily Reporter. It is very appreciated and it is a two way street!

Those thanks are always welcome but lets set the record straight: The Wellsville Sun is created by those who read the site, share the Facebook post, or ask a friend: “Did you read the Sun today?”

Thank you all very much.

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