Gabby Kranock still needs a miracle: Cards and prayers requested, GoFundMe link


Teenager who was nearly killed by a drunk driver may never walk again

GoFundMe and a card shower are easy ways to help Gabby

On Sept. 3rd, Gabby Kranock sustained severe injuries from a crash due to the recklessness of an underage drunk driver in Portville, NY. She was not in the car, but standing in a yard. 

After three weeks in the Trauma ICU at ECMC, she was finally moved to a regular room on Sept. 21st. She is currently paralyzed below her shoulders, but can shrug them, and she can feel the pressure on her arms when they are being rubbed.

Gabby has endured multiple neck and back surgeries in hopes to reverse the paralysis, although the doctors say she has a slim chance to ever walk again. Her family and friends are staying positive and hopeful that a miracle awaits her!

Gabby suffers tremendous pain in her throat, shoulders, and the middle of her back that doctors are continually trying to manage for her. Her parents, Lisa and Denis Kranock, live 1-1/2 hours away from the hospital and have been staying in Buffalo to be near their daughter. Because of this, they are not able to work.

They have already incurred so many expenses due to this tragedy already, and tons more will be added with Gabby’s very long road to recovery and special needs expenses when she finally gets to go home. Please consider donating to help ease the unbelievable stress on her parents so that they can focus on the healing of their beautiful daughter. Thank you!


You can send a card to:
462 Grider St.
Attn: Gabriel Kranock
7th Floor – Room #757
Buffalo NY 14215

Read our original reporting on the tragic events last month which maimed Gabby and Hailey Bello and killed Kayden Joseph Belleisle

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