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Wellsville sunrise, by Mel Hunt

Wellsville’s Hayden Shutt is a BMX state champion at age 8


Hayden started his BMX racing journey in September 2018 as a five year old

By Andrew Harris

Some people are born to race. The speed, the risk, and the reward are something we can all related too, but only a very few can actually take to a competitive level. BMX racers are an extreme example and Wellsville has an up and coming star, Hayden Shutt. Since 2018, Shutt has become more skilled in the sport and racked up dozens of wins.

Hayden took 10 wins before he advanced into the intermediate class. Then in June 2021 he entered the expert class after another 20 wins. To race at a the expert level takes an extreme amount of dedication and training to stay competitive. Living in Wellsville makes this a huge challenge being that Shutt’s closest BMX track is in Horseheads NY.

Every Saturday from May 1 to October 31, and sometimes Wednesdays, the Shutt family travels for practice and racing at Horseheads BMX.

There are nine BMX tracks spread all over New York State and each of them race weekly. Every year there is a state championship series which Hayden entered this year. Each track has a state qualifier and you have to compete in a minimum of four qualifiers. The points are calculated from your best 4 finishes.

This year the championship race was held in Horseheads NY at the Holding Point recreational facility.

Coming into the finals this year Hayden was in 2nd place, based on the points standings. Shutt was in a need-to-win situation and that’s what he did!! Hayden won the championship against some of the fastest kids in his age group from New York and Pennsylvania.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last time you hear about Hayden Shutt!! Congrats to a very dedicated racing family!

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