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Shinglehouse PA based-Northeast Clearing will get the job done


Specializing in tree work and excavating jobs, see gallery

By Andrew Harris

I’ve had a dead ash tree hanging over my house for about two years. I’ve contacted a few different local tree services and the tree still stood there, waiting to fall on me in the middle of the night. Finally, and before half my house was destroyed, I gave Northeast Clearing a call.

Northeast Clearing owner Reece Osgood called me right back and was standing under that ash tree the next day. Because falling the tree involved avoiding my house, the kids swing set, the water well head, and the electrical service, the crew brought in right equipment for the job. By the next day, the dead tree was dropped with precision and taken care of.

Osgood comes from a long line of tree professionals, his family operated Top Notch Tree Service for many years. He has decided to carry on that family tradition and also expand into the excavation business with quite the fleet of machinery ready to tackle almost any job.

Northeast Clearing is prepared with just about every piece of equipment needed.

“Bulldozers, mini excavators, large excavators. Flat beds, stump grinders. Chippers. Mulching equipment for brush. Skid steers . Log skidders. Dump trailers, bucket trucks; We are ready for just about anything!” Osgood explains.

Besides the company history, experience, and equipment, Osgood is proud of this crew:

“We have professional climbers for tree removal. Good honest employees with integrity and very good insurance! This business is full of unprofessional and shady operations, many times they don’t have any insurance. Home and property owners really need to be aware.”

Much of the tree and excavation work that customers are looking for involves some risk. When you are downing a eighty foot tree, there are any number of things that can go wrong. Osgood explains some of the common perils:

“Getting your yard or house destroyed by one mistake can be devastating if the operator isn’t insured properly. If a tree job goes “sideways,” or someone digs without calling 811 first, electric lines can kill, or cost the property owner thousands. With so many uninsured, unprofessional, and frankly shady operators out there, it pays to be very cautious about who you hire.”

Thinking of having that “widow-maker” oak tree removed before winter? Does your driveway need some work before the salt and snow return? Are you planning site work ? Considering a timber harvest?

Call Reece and his crew for a free quote and tell them the Sun sent you!!

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