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By Lacey Gardner

Hornell City School: Litter boxes ‘not happening’ for students identifying as animals or Furry’s


School board meeting addresses multiple parent concerns

Image from Wikipedia, a “Furry Convention”

By Syrena Lynn Carver and Andrew Harris

In 2019, Rolling Stone magazine wrote a feature story about the “furry” trend.

Way back then, this wasn’t a political issue and hadn’t really hit the school board room like it did in Hornell Tuesday night.

Here is the 2019 version: Teens and young adults are dressing up like stuffed animals and creating a persona around that costume. Some have massive followings on social media and have created a boom of copycats. Read that article from three years ago here:

Fast forward to 2022 and “Furries,” have only become more popular, so much so that like all things American, the trend is now a political flashpoint.

Rumors of “litter boxes” in schools and children dressed as animals have spread like wildfire, becoming a classic American tale, part fiction and part truth.

Earlier this year, the Dansville school superintendent was forced to address rumors that his school system had installed litter boxes. He denied the claim and the AP wire service picked up that story:

Tonight, Hornell Sun reporter Syrena Lynn Carver attended the Hornell school board meeting where the issue was front and center.

Patricia Moore of Hornell was the first ask about the rumors. Superintendent Palotti acknowledge that he was aware of the rumor and made a clear statement:

Photo by Syrena Lynn Carver

“On behalf of the school administration, that is not something we do, that is not something we would ever consider doing … not happening.”

Moore wasn’t the only one at the meeting concerned with children identifying as stuffed animals.

Deborah Fenti Olds then asked why the school allows children to identify and dress like animals – she has seen them when picking up her grandson at the middle school – She wants to understand how and why they allow this type of behavior.

Palotti stated “we follow dress code. We have a dress code inside our code of conduct, we follow the dress code, thanks.”

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