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Wellsville Elks Lodge matches reward money for Sacred Heart Cemetery crimes, reward now $4000


Vandals have clearly crossed a “red line” in Wellsville

Historian Mary Rhodes sends picture of graves ‘intact’ to comfort families

By Andrew Harris

Tim Colligan, lifetime Elk and a recent victim of a crime wave of disrespect, just reported to us that the Wellsville Elks Club, BPOE 1495, just voted to match the reward posted buy the Wellsville American Legion in an effort to find the culprits who denigrated over a dozen veteran gravesites in Wellsville this week.

Vandals removed the veterans plaque from tombstones in a deed that has left families upset to say the least. My great uncle Richard Brunell, a remarkable hero of WWII, had his grave defaced as well as several of my Hennessy kinfolk who served with honor. My family and many others are sickened and irritated.

Mary Rhodes, longtime village historian and activist, has moved south but expresses her disgust and solidarity. She has most of the gravesites that were defaced on file and hoped these pictures would provide some comfort in this slideshow:

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