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Wellsville sunrise, by Mel Hunt

Help the Fanton’s: GoFundMe set up after fire destroys family home in Wellsville



Living on the other side of Brooklyn Ave in Wellsville was quite something over the years.

There were unofficial block parties, annual balloon rally parties and neighbors becoming family, going from house-to-house like we lived on the beach.

One house always stood out with an open door, Carl and Kim and Fanton’s house on Pleasant Street.

There is always a spot at the table to play euchre and the pot of coffee never turned off. There were many nights where the coffee sat idle as you could find other things to drink, and the roar of laughter never subsided.

Through their own tragedies and triumphs, the Fanton’s were always there for everyone.

On Friday, they sat stunned and could only watch as a fire ripped through their family home, gutting the structure and destroying everything inside.

Firefighters who came out dripping of sweat and covered with soot quickly grabbed a water, toweled off and went over to hug Kim. Family member Jeff Wright who also lives in the home just paced and held his head … he felt as helpless as the rest of us.

Fortunately, no one was home and no one as injured.

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The Fanton’s daughter, Marikae Fanton set up a GoFundMe account and wrote:

“As you may know, my parents Kim and Carl Fanton, and Uncle Jeff Wright lost everything in the structure fire on Pleasant street today. Everyone was safe, but they lost their home of 29 years. Many are asking what they can do to help, and anything is appreciated! They only have the clothes on their backs and the personal items on them. This was a total loss and it is devastating! My family will not ask for help so I am doing this in hopes they can live comfortably until they can find a new home! Thank you in advance to everyone willing to help!”

Here are links to donate as well as links to our reporting on the fire with photos and video

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