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Wellsville sunrise, by Mel Hunt

Flowers stolen from Shane Colligan Memorial Park in Wellsville, $200 reward posted


Flowers were stolen in the last 72 hours from beloved memorial site

By Andrew Harris

Wellsville is pretty proud of a little pocket park at the intersection of State Routes 417 and 19. Thousands of people drive by everyday, many glance over and see the gazebo and surrounding flowers dedicated to the memory of a legend in Wellsville history. Shane Colligan was an example of grace and courage who made an big impact on our community during his life.

Stealing from that memory can’t be tolerated.

Shane Colligan passed away in 2003

Maybe you know the bad actors behind this sad deed? While state-of-the-art surveillance videos are being analyzed, the Colligan family and a legion of Shane Colligan fans are hoping with help, they can find the complete jerks who did this.

A $200 reward for information leading to the identity of the flower thieves has been posted by friends of Shane Colligan.

Wellsville is tired of common vandals and thieves and those who have no respect for that which is very important to the community. Use our contact form to send a confidential message with information. We will forward any credible tips to the Wellsville Village Police, or contact them directly at 585 593 5600.

Shane and the memorial built in his name deserve better.

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