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Wellsville Central Schools react to NY mask mandate coming to an end


Superintendent of Schools David Fosters statement

Today, the Governor announced that she will lift the indoor mask mandate for both students and staff effective Wednesday, March 2nd.  Wellsville will make the wearing of masks voluntary at that time for both students and staff.

There have been many changes to our everyday lives over the last two years at home, work, and school.  At one point, we were wiping down our groceries before bringing them into the house.  Fortunately, things have continued to progress toward a return to a normal life.  There have been numerous transitions during this time and each of these transitions to normalcy brought both relief and apprehension. 

A family’s decision regarding their child’s mask use is this next transition toward a return to a more normal life.  Some families will choose to continue to wear masks at school, while others will not.   Some may only wear them in the hallways while taking them off at their desks.  I know that no matter what decision someone makes, they will find support and their decision will be respected by all. 

The District can still be a source for an at-home rapid COVID test by contacting your school office when needed. I remind you to continue to keep students home who don’t feel well.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable break and we will see you tomorrow.


David Foster


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