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Fillmore NY Farm supports Ukrainian neighbors with fundraiser for their “homeland”


We came across this impassioned plea for support from an Allegany County farm called Spring Bottom Farm in Fillmore NY. They have been living next to a group of Ukrainian Americans who purchased the land back in the 1960’s after immigrating from Ukraine. For those who are feeling helpless and would like to support the people of Ukraine who are under attack this could be a great way to do so. Here is a message from the folks at Spring Bottom Farm:

‼️🇺🇦FUNDRAISER for our Ukrainian neighbors’ homeland! PLEASE read in its entirety! More details to come!🇺🇦‼️💙SBF MEAT and GOODIES BASKET RAFFLE worth over $200💛BAKED GOODS and BREAKFAST SANDWICHES – ALL PROCEEDS GO TO UKRAINE!💙

TWO WEEKENDS!! MARCH 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13! Winner drawn March 14th!💛We will have our SBF breakfast sandwiches both weekends and a delicious variety of our very own and local baked goods!💙TICKETS available at the Spring Bottom Farm Shoppe and The Gainesville Store beginning Sunday, February 27th. $5/ticket or 5 for $20. In the early ‘60’s when Cody’s great grandfather bought the section of the farm that is now Spring Bottom, a group of Ukrainians bought the farm across the road as a camp to bring their hardworking families and a sacred place to keep their heritage alive for decades to come.

Weekly, we get asked what all of the buildings are across the road and we proudly share, “a Ukrainian camp” quickly followed by, “the people who truly inspired us to raise meat and who got Spring Bottom started!” This group of hardworking and fun-loving people who have taught us of their culture – sharing their incredible (and some harrowing) accounts of migrating to the US from their beloved homeland have become more than just neighbors…Here are just some of the ways they’ve loved and supported us and the impression they continue to make:

💙Asking us to raise beef and pork for them way back in 2008/2009 as it reminded them of home and continuing to come back year after year…week after week in the summer. They are as loyal as the day is long!!💛Lining up along our front porch to buy meat for their camp grills before we even had a shoppe.

💙Showering us with countless gifts for our babies’ arrivals including a crib for Chet because somehow as new parents we forgot we needed a place to put the baby. 😆💛Filling our porch on Saturday mornings at the shoppe while eating SBF breakfast sandwiches and goodies through the summer.

💙 Two of the gentleman knocking on my door when I was 9 months pregnant this summer with a TRAY full of kanapky (Ukrainian sandwiches) because they remembered me saying I was craving those.💛One family delivering an entire turkey dinner days after Chet was born and two of the ladies delivering freshly made pyrohy (pierogis) and Ukrainian cake in a torrential downpour days after having Fay. (Both meals were enough to feed an army)

💙Chet’s first foreign language spoken was Ukrainian as we often hear from the porch, “Here comes Pan (Mr.) Willie!!!!” or “Are Pani (Mrs.) Tanya and the girls coming over?” 💛”Uvaha, Uvaha” (Attention!) is like music to our ears as it’s called over the loud speaker to the camp children…and now is common language in our home anytime we need someone’s attention.

😆💙From late nights (pre-children) showing such patience as an elder counted, “1-2-3” while trying to teach me how to polka with my two left feet…. to allowing us to be adopted Ukrainians during celebrations….

Please join us in helping these truly salt of the Earth people and their families in their homeland!

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