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Wiser’s Wramblings-April Days of Inspiration and Reflection


Remembering sister Sue

By Chuck Wiser, I write the words to share what my eyes see and my heart feels

April is one of those months that brings the full gamut of emotions. The showers and sunshine bring the joys of days filled with the sunshine and warmth, and the promise of more mild weather than of stormy weather. It was not just by chance or luck that April was named as National Poetry Month as the promise and fulfillment of warmth and sunshine brings out the emotions that inspire most poets. Sure, the occasional non-seasonal surprise snow showers may pop up, but their longevity is usually brief.

For me, April is bittersweet as it was the month of my sister’s birth but also of her passing. On the exact date of her 70th birthday several years ago she passed away following a lengthy illness. Today’s writings will include the last poem written for her and read to her on that day, not knowing it would be her last day.

Born in April

(A birthday poem for Sue upon her 70th Birthday)

To be born in April is to be blessed

With sunshine and flowers bringing happiness

Your father is winter, your mother the fall.

Life for all seasons rings the spring time call

Your moods may be changing like the April skies.

And tears like the raindrops may fall from your eyes

But clouds have their bound’ries and soon have all gone.

And your smile surely brightens like daylight at dawn

Some winters are harsh as life oft’ can be.

But spring brings new hope like the buds on the tree

To be born in April is to be blessed.

With a heart filled with laughter sharing happiness

I had decided to share a couple of the many poems I have written, in honor of National Poetry Month. The first couple of pages are a “collage” of the notes, words, or phrases that I called my “Poem Starts.” I jot these down as a reminder or start of future poems to be written in full, later.

The above notes were taken from the first and last pages of my book of Poetry, a copy of which has been donated to the David Howe Library if anyone might be interested in reading any more of my poems. A couple of these eventually became the lyrics, and foundation of, the musical scores that were written into music by Dave Dunbar, may he rest in peace. I’ve had to take a short sabbatical from participating in the music of the Genesee Valley Chorus and as a member of the Grace United Church choir and truly miss the recent opportunities to reach out with our music. I will wrap up this non-traditionally short Wrambling by expressing my inspiration to write and sing.

Why Do We Write, Why Do We Sing?

The words I write of my accord,

Sometimes will strike in some, a chord.

I write to share the things I see.

What in my heart it means to me.

I’m blessed to sing the words I write,

When a musician think’s they’re right.

Why do I write, Why do I sing?

To see the joy to some we bring.

We sing for those who cannot speak

We sing for those, a peace they seek.

We paint a picture they cannot see.

We take them where they cannot be.

Our just reward is just a smile

From those we spent a little while.

And tho’ from some it brought a tear

No better place we’d be but here.

            Chuck Wiser, July, 2019

                                               Blessed by those we have been able to sing for.

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