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By Lacey Gardner

Return on investment high for Alfred State students


ALFRED, NY, February 16, 2022– Alfred State College (ASC) students are seeing a high return on investment (ROI) according to a recent report by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce. In Western New York, Alfred State is No. 1 for money earned in the first ten years of a career versus how much was invested for the education. This is among all 32 private or public colleges and universities in the region.

“Many students and parents are taking a closer look these days at how wise of an investment it is when going to college,” said Vice President of Enrollment Management Betsy Penrose. “This study evaluates return on investment (ROI) in several ways and when looking at how quickly Alfred State graduates earn their money back, then clearly becoming an Alfred State Pioneer is a wise choice. According to the research, our students invested well in a high-quality education with a significant long-term financial payback.”

Titled “A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges,” the report uses data from the expanded College Scorecard to rank 4,500 colleges and universities. The College Scorecard is an online tool created by the US government to help students make informed decisions about their education options after high school. Read the whole report

For the Net Present Value (NPV) in ten years, the report shows Alfred State earned the top spot among all public and private Western New York colleges and universities with undergraduate enrollment greater than 500 students. The net present value is how much a sum of money in the future is valued today. This metric subtracts education costs while adding future earnings from your career over the period of time.

Alfred State has a Net Present Value in ten years of $206,000. Compared to all SUNY schools outside of the New York City area where salaries are higher, Alfred State is No. 1 on this ROI within ten years. While national attention focuses on the problem of student debt that eats up too much of a graduate’s salary, the numbers show ASC has an affordable solution that really pays off.

The Georgetown University report shows a Net Present Value over 40 years of $1,111,000 for Alfred State graduates. These alumni have ASC to thank for their career skills through hands-on learning and the personal attention by faculty.

“This report coupled with our continued high rankings in the annual US News & World Report Best Colleges list and our 98% employment and continuing education rate demonstrate that an Alfred State education is not only affordable but of high quality.”

Caption: Faculty member interacts with a student in the Micro-Nano Fabrication lab.

An Alfred State degree gets results!

At Alfred State College, hands-on experience leads to career success. An emphasis on real-world training enables students to reach goals and develop the skills needed to thrive at in-demand jobs. With 80 majors, 100 clubs and civic groups, and 17 NCAA Division III sports, Alfred State prepares students to become leaders, achievers, and Pioneers who are ready to Hit the Ground Running …

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