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Gun Lovers: US Supreme Court to hear New York pistol permit case


From Andrew Harris, 11/1/21

The nations top court will begin arguments about a New York State law which has been on the books for 108 years. Second Amendment fanatics are optimistic that this latest effort to expand gun ownership and loosen pistol permitting will be successful with a now conservative Supreme Court.

To summarize the case: The New York State Pistol and Firearm Association(NYSPFA) has brought the case all the way to the highest court in the land, along with two private citizens who were denied a pistol permit. After the two, “normal law-abiding citizens,’ were denied pistol permits they took the matter to the courts to answer the question:

“Whether the State’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment.”

The NYSPFA seeks to undue to the NY state law that limits gun possession outside the home to those who are approved by local authorities. In Allegany County Sheriff Rick Whitney processes the applications/background check and a county court judge approves or denies the permit. The basis for approval at the core of the case is that applicants for pistol permit must, “demonstrate a special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community.”

That standard has left those issuing the permits with some discretion when approving or denying an application. In this case the two private citizens were denied concealed carry permits after stating that the reason for applying was “self defense.” The issuing agency did however provide the applicants with permit to possess the weapons for target shooting or hunting.

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Gun control groups contend that allowing the proliferation of pistol permits couldn’t be a more dangerous decision at a more dangerous point. Gun violence has skyrocketed during the pandemic and was increasing prior to the global health crisis. New York State Attorney General and candidate for Governor Letitia James:

““The law is consistent with the historical scope of the Second Amendment and directly advances New York’s compelling interests in public safety and crime prevention.”

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