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Allegany County Legislature


The 14th Board of Legislators is at the end of the four year term

From Staff Reports, 10/31/21

October has been a busy month in Belmont as county legislators prepare to wrap up their term. On top of concluding the session, the 2022 county budget process is underway. November holds an election and a flurry of committee work, resolutions, with related debate as the board finalizes the work of the last four years.

This Wednesday November 3rd, the Public Safety, Personnel, Human Services, Public Works, and Budget Committees will meet and move several resolutions toward a full board vote. To view the full agenda of each meeting just click on the respective link.

Of interest is the Public Safety agenda which provides lots of data from the district attorney, the sheriff, probation, and youth services. County Administrator Carissa Knapp will put forth a resolution to create a new hourly wage for part-time correction officers. The wage will be the minimum rate as stated in the most recent union contract and she expects this to be a cost efficient move by reducing overtime charges.

While the agenda for the Personnel committee appears like a fairly dull meeting(according to the agenda), Human Services like the Public Safety, will please the data lovers. The health department has a detailed presentations planned, and Edna Kayes from social services has lots of work to bring before the committee. The Office of the Aging will also be bringing a full plate of work and the committee will accept a $1000 donation from Allegany County Senior Foundation that will be dedicated to home care.

The budget committee will be holding a special session where county Treasurer Terri Ross will present the Tentative 2021 Budget. Much anticipation awaits the details of the upcoming budget and how the county will negotiate both the surplus of sales tax revenue and the nine million dollars in federal funds from the American Rescue Fund. We will provide details on the tentative budget as soon as it is publicly available.

Elections on Tuesday November 2nd will decide the new composition of the board for the upcoming term. Longtime Chairman Curt Crandall will be stepping aside and new blood from almost every district in the county are expected to win legislative seats. Stay tuned for our Election coverage and results on Tuesday!!

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