Op-Ed: Wiser, You Don’t Understand


From Margaret Glenney, 10/2/21

Dear Mr. Wiser,

I regret very much that your elective surgery was cancelled and hope that it can be rescheduled as soon as possible so that your shoulder pain will be alleviated.

However, it appears you have misapprehended the mentality of those refusing the so-called “Covid-19 vaccine,” which I will call the injection.

First, just as a factual matter, your surgery was not cancelled because health care workers refused the injection. It was cancelled because of the stupid decision to fire those health care workers. It is well-established that the vaccinated can be infected, symptomatic and contagious. A recent study published in the “Lancet” medical journal showed that the vaccinated carried a greater “viral load” than the unvaccinated, presumably making them even more contagious. Therefore, the vaccine mandate is not “necessary,” in fact it makes no sense. It would make more sense to regularly test health care workers for the virus, whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated.

You are right that the vaccines for polio, mumps and measles were beneficial, but that does that mean that the current Covid-19 vaccines are also. These vaccines employ a new technology not used by traditional vaccines and were developed and rolled out in less than two years, at so-called “warp speed”. Corners were cut and no one knows the longer term effects. The VAERS website lists over 15,000 deaths and 105,000 serious injuries occurring after vaccination. While the cause of these deaths is not proven, these statistics certainly provide a good reason to refuse the injection.

You say your opinions are supported by scientific evidence, but there are many distinguished scientists who disagree with mass vaccination and vaccine mandates, and I will name them: Dr. Michael Yeadon, former chief scientist for Pfizer, Dr. Peter McCullough, Professor of Medicine at Baylor Medical School, Dr. Robert Malone, an inventor of the mRNA vaccine and Dr. Luc Montagnier, virologist and winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine.

Your accusation that those who refuse the injection are “imposing their will on others” is simply untrue. People have the right to consent or refuse medical treatment. It is the vaccine mandate that is coercive, threatening people with the loss of their livelihood if they refuse the injection.

I am truly sorry that you are in pain but you should not blame your plight on those of us who have good reasons for refusing the injection.

Margaret Glenney
Formerly of Stannards, NY

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