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Wellsville High School Football Goes To, “8 Man” League


From the Editor, 8/28/21

Varsity Football Head Coach Bob McMorris made a startling announcement today to the Wellsville sports world: This year will not be a normal season as the roster numbers will not support a full team. Luckily the program has an option to keep the remaining players in competition. Here is Coach McMorris statement:

“Because numbers have dropped we have decided to participate in a 8 man football league at the Varsity level this season.

These are very exciting and fast football games and it gives us the opportunity to compete! Our schedule will change and I will post this as soon as possible!

I will give more details as they come in! Please continue to show positive support for this opportunity!”

Coach indicated that the new schedule hasn’t been finalized and will be released by early next week. When asked why the numbers are so low, if the reason was Covid-19 related or due to worries about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), Coach McMorris had a quick answer:

“Never seen anything like it! No idea!”

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