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Cannoli for Christmas ? She is more than ready for a forever home


From the SPCA Serving Allegany County

I’m Cannoli, and I have sat in this very spot at the shelter for over a year growing more and more sad by the day. At first, I loved sitting on this perch because it meant I had the best view of the driveway as well as the door to my room. I used to press my face against the glass every time a car pulled up and would dart to the door to greet visitors. But now I don’t perk up when I hear vehicles making their way up against the gravel or when people talk or laugh nearby. I don’t believe that trying will make a difference in me getting adopted.

Could you be the one to show me that I am worthy of love? That I don’t have to be sad anymore because love exists for me? Please contact the shelter, submit an application, or stop in any day between 12 and 4 pm if you would like to brighten my day by visiting me, or my life by adopting me.

*Cannoli is 2 years and 6 months old. She enjoys the company of cats and adores people.



Phone: (585) 593-2200 Ext. 2

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