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District 1 Legislator Phil Stockin Announces Intention to Seek Chairman of the Board Seat


  From The Editor, 7/16/21

    Phil Stockin, a Republican Allegany County Legislator from District 1(Angelica, Belfast, Caneadea, Centerville, Granger, Hume, Rushford), sent out a pile of actual letters, stamped, and delivered via the US Postal Service.  The letter was addressed to his fellow Republicans currently serving in the Allegany County Legislature and those Republicans who, after the recent primary, are on the ballot in the general election set for November 4th, 2021.

     That letter was to inform Stockin’s fellow Republicans that, should he be re-elected in the general election; he will seek to become the next Chairman of Allegany County Board of Legislators.  Stockin’s letter can be read below and then some reaction to that letter from his fellow Republicans.

July 8, 2021

To:  Republican Candidates For Allegany County Legislature

Congratulations to each of you for securing ballot positions for the November elections.  Regardless of the election outcomes, there will be a strong Board of Legislators to lead the county during the next term.

We are assured of significant changes to board membership and the challenges going forward will only increase.  With this in mind, I do not feel we can wait until the end of 2021 to begin planning for what lies ahead.  Therefore, I am announcing my candidacy for Chairman of the Allegany County Board of Legislators for 2022.

Serving as a County Legislator for 4 ½ years, as the Town of Caneadea Supervisor for over 30 years and 28 years as Head of School at Houghton Academy, I have more than enough administrative experience to meet the responsibilities of Chairman.  My life-long residency in Allegany County gives me a personal familiarity with many local area concerns as well.

While continuing the work of the present legislature for the next six months, we also need to be preparing for 2022 and beyond.  With the departure of at least four current Legislators, we will be experiencing a tremendous loss of institutional knowledge.  But the present board’s united approach to addressing issues in support of the greater good must continue.  I have no doubts we can do this.

If you and I are elected in November, I hope I can count on your support for Chairman.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you would like to have a private conversation related to the Chairman position or any other legislative matter.  Thank you.

Desiring the best for Allegany County,

Philip G. Stockin, Legislator, District 1

    District 4(Wellsville/Andover) Legislator Steven Havey had encouraging words for Stockin but was clear that his decision on the new Chairman is months away:

     “Mr. Stockin is well qualified for the position. If elected he will do a great job.”

  From District 5(Alfred), Brooke Harris was much more direct:

    “I’m happy to hear about Mr. Stockin’s intention to run for Board Chair. His integrity, thoughtfulness, public service experience, and quiet leadership style make him best-suited to navigate the Board’s transition next year. I’m looking forward to supporting him in his efforts.”

   Back in District 4, outgoing Legislator Karl Graves had to say about Stockin and his ambitions:

   “Personally, I like Mr. Stockin.  I consider him a friend.  I respect his service to his community and our County.  I also respect his interest in preparing for the future of our County government.”

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