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Snow Moon over North Hill by Cindy Schreiner

Allegany County Resource Management Meeting Slated for Wednesday 3/17/21


The Resource Management Committee has a public meeting planned for Saint Patrick’s Day. The agenda is below as provided for the “wonkers” who like the details.

March 17, 2021

  1. Roll Call
  2. Scott Torrey, Soil & Water Conservation Executive Director, Monthly Report
  3. Brian Perkins, Youth Bureau Director, Monthly Report
  4. Laura Hunsberger, Cooperative Extension, Monthly Report
  5. Renewal of the Allegany County Federation of Snowmobile Association Agreement and
    Acceptance of the 2020-2021 Snowmobile Trails and Maintenance Grant Funds
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business
  8. Good of the Order
  9. Adjournment
    Allegany County SWCD March 2021 Resource Management Committee Report
     We were awarded a Round 26 Ag Non-Point Source Grant for 2 farms in the Town of Independence.
    The grant money will be used to construct 2 bedded pack barns on 2 beef farms. This will allow the
    farms to feed their animals inside, collecting and storing manure so it can be applied to crop fields
    and preventing runoff from the outside feed areas during the winter months. Total amount
    awarded was $250,950 with the total cost for the projects being $356,150.
     We were awarded $112,874.08 for completing all of our required State Performance Measures in these funds will be used to help implement conservation projects in the County.
     We are working on grant applications for the Great Lakes Sediment & Nutrient Reduction Program.
    This program focuses on reducing phosphorous loss in the Great Lakes Watershed. We will be
    focusing on reducing streambank erosion along agricultural fields.
     The DEC has confirmed that there is Emerald Ash borer on Rattlesnake Hill. Once the roadway is
    clear of snow and ice, we will be double checking our timber markings from 2020. We will then be
    requesting permission from the Committee to put the sale of this timber out to bid. Also, in talking
    with the DEC forester, the prices of timber have been increasing so it would be a good time to sell the timber.

Youth Bureau Report
March 17, 2021
Safe Harbour Program – The Go bags have begun to be assembled. We have a meeting scheduled for
later this month where will talk about getting the bags out in to the right hands in the community.
PPAC – I have been continuing to participate in monthly zoom meetings with the PPAC Family
Matters group and the PPAC Coalition. They are looking ahead to what may be able to be done in hope some more programs will be able to run.

Governor’s Youth Council – There will be a second year of the Youth Council program that started
last year. Last year, we were not able to get a student to represent our county. I have a couple other
avenues to identify a student that will hopefully result in us getting some representation on this
committee. The Youth from other counties that were able to participate last year gathered via zoom
meetings and ultimately were able to work together in regional cohorts to present ideas to state
legislature committees. It would be a great experience for a local youth, and I think great exposure
for ideas that are sometimes uniquely representative of our county.
Respectfully Submitted,
Brian Perkins
Youth Bureau Director/STOP-DWI Coordinator

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Allegany County March 2021

All staff:
• Zoom Staff check-in; Wednesday’s
• COVID-19 Staff forum
• Cornell Cooperative Extension All-Staff Check-in with Chris Watkins.
• Area food distributions
• Regular Social Media Updates

Livestock, Ag Economic Development and Natural Resources:

Program Services:
• BF 103 Taking Care of Business Online Courses February 24th-March 31st – 51 participants
• Annie’s Project February 1st – March 11th – 36 participants
Planning for 2020 programs:
• Continue to be available by phone, email or conference call and I’m making myself available by appointment to assist with submitting of forage, water or soil test samples.
• Calls accepted from both farmers and residents. When possible these are handled through email or text exchanges; by appointment as needed.
• Continue to monitor and update links on COVID-19 for family and farm in the right sidebar of our website home page I receive updates from EDEN, Ag & Markets, and Farm Bureau; working with regional CCE Teams to keep up with changes.
• Planning Committee Statewide Meat Packer survey and Livestock PWT.
• Hatch grant research project: Feeding Food Scraps to Animals: Implications of New York’s Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling Act. Project will be to identify the possibilities, constraints, and best practices related to expanding the use of food scraps to feed animals. On-going.
• Curriculum development for self-guided online poultry processing course completed. Updating Taking Care of Business. Winter program planning: Farm Disaster Prep, Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Updating training materials, Livestock Processing & 20C Kitchen on farm, Finishing Beef Program Series.
Highlight of top topics addressed with individual 1-on-1 farms: water testing, meat processing, COVID guidance from Ag & Markets for on-farm markets; Ag Value Assessment. Residents: rental rates for land, Ag Value Assessment, tree maintenance, wildlife food plot.
Working with 2 beginning farmers from prior months, 2 new beginning farmers. Working with 1 perspective livestock processing facilities and 1 existing poultry processor from prior month.
• Orientation for Ag Community Educator – ongoing
• Farmer introductions with SWNY Ag Team member’s one-on-one referrals as appropriate via phone/zoom– ongoing. Assisting Livestock specialists with questions.
Maintain updates for CCEAC website, updating database– ongoing.
Staff Development: Implications of Large Solar Installations and Leasing on Farmland, Backyard and Small Flock Poultry: Webinar Series on Respiratory Diseases, Foodpreneur Webinar Series, BQA Train the Trainer

STORY (Science & Technology Opportunities for Rural Youth) Program:
• 12 Week Plan – Setting up slides and dates
• Adding curriculum for children to enjoy, while keeping it as educational as possible
• Garden-based library research added to curriculum
• Grant reporting and writing, PPP loan forgiveness, performance reviews, zoning issues with 33 Willets, March Board Meeting, Year-End financials,.

Horticulture/Master Gardener Program:
• Master Gardener Meeting 2/3/2021
• Allegany Gardener YouTube Page—Uploading Naster Gardener Presentations
• Our Friends the Bacteria by Master Gardener Steven Jakobi (presentation via Zoom) 17 attendees – Misnomer that most of all bacteria is bad. Steven brings to light the benefits of bacteria and sheds some knowledge to some of the most important uses of bacteria.
• Future presentations – Wildflower Ephemerals, Composting – Waste management, Gardener Color Arrangements
NYS Agriculture Literacy Week – 8 Schools are partaking this year
• Will be held virtually – Activities consist of virtual farm tours, ice-cream making kits and book read: “Tales of the Dairy
Godmother” by Ward Jenkins
• Agriculture Database – Report Events and update logs on presentations and attendees
• Urban Forestry Grant – Erie County – Meeting with DEC – Educator Assignments
• Create Relations with Tree and Environmental boards in Allegany – review and present Tree Care curriculum and Support Tree Care workshop, along with two in-field training sessions – Still ironing out specifics and other information
4-H and Youth Development: 4-H staff is continuing to work with the Allegany County Fair Board to create opportunities for our members if a traditional fair is not an option. Both parties are very eager to provide opportunities for our county’s youth. In addition to providing the opportunity for youth animal shows, it is planned that youth building projects will be judged and displayed in businesses throughout the county. Livestock clinics continue to be successful educational opportunities for our members. Virtual events continue to be planned and
offered regularly. Re-enrollment forms continue to roll in and get processed. Everyone is seeming eager to think outside the box and keep things rolling despite challenges.

Mid-March we will begin a series on virtual cooking classes. Members will not only learn how to prepare and inexpensive healthy meal, they will learn kitchen safety and cooking techniques. Classes are being offered free of charge, courtesy of the Tractor Supply
Paper Clover Fund.
Over the past month members have met virtually to prepare for this 4-H Virtual Public Presentations. This event will be held March 6th over Zoom. Members will be judged by a team of volunteer judges and offered immediate feedback on their presentations. Members that qualify will have the opportunity to advance to the Regional Public Presentations in Erie Co. date tba.

• Day to Day Eats blog
• Growing Resilience Zoom
EFNEP: staff check in; watch Catt Cty Kitchen Konnections Facebook Live; 1-on-1 with Jen; Regional Staff Workshop; Upstate staff meeting; National EFNEP Networking conference; organize timeframe for regional EFNEP commercial; collaborate with Catt Cty Nutrition Educators for Catt-Alleg BOCES presentation in March
Training: Minnesota Extension – Minnesota Extension – Quick Meal Ideas webinar; Michigan State – Diabetes PATH (6 wks); Penn State – Volumetrics – Weight Management Plan (4 wks); Penn State – exploring the DASH diet to lower your blood pressure; Extension – an In Dept look at the Dietary Guidelines; Penn State – Let’s Cook at Home: Weight Management & Mediterranean Curricula: Health Cents in Friendship; Fillmore library: Healthy Cents and FNEC to start in March; Literacy West: 1 in person exit completed; updated participant and referral agency folders; Friendship library: Healthy Cents and FNEC to start in March; Belmont library: Healthy Cents and FNEC to start in April; reached out to Cuba library: they will get back to me (in process of scheduling programming

Outreach: provided outreach materials to ACCORD for emergency food boxes with brochures/packets; sent March EFNEP 2021newsletter out to contacts; attended Agency Exchange – Allegany County virtually; 500 brochures to DSS; delivered 75 brochures to Mission Agape in Friendship.

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