July 19th, 1899 Allegany County Democrat: Fun Loving Scamps in Wellsville


A practice joke was perpetrated, one evening last week, in this city, which, if the public had known of it in time, would have caused considerable stir.

Hoyt and Vincent, hardware dealers have maintained, at considerable expense and much labor, a free ice-water tank on the sidewalk in front of their store, which is a most commendable thing for any firm to do.

Some fun loving scamps, on the aforesaid occasion, removed most of the water, at a late hour and placed therein a quantity of whiskey, which was discovered by the storekeepers the next morning. Whether any of our prohibition citizens got an involuntary “nip” of the bug juice or not, we are unable to say, but will venture the assertion that if it had been well known there would have been a thousand people around to see as too the quantity and quality of the liquor thus lavishly placed before the public.

The tank has been fumigated, and treated to a thorough scrubbing with materials strong enough to obliterate the faintest suspension of the culpable deed.

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