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By Lacey Gardner

Wellsville tennis sweeps; Wellsville tracks with a big win; golf results and photos


Tuesday Roundup: Fillmore fights off blustery winds, Wiltsey’s medalist round permits Eagles to score home win vs. Wellsville; PHOTOS of golf at end

By CHRIS BROOKS, managing editor,


Wellsville 5, Bolivar-Richburg 0

WELLSVILLE — All three singles matches and both doubles matches in action for the Lions of Wellsville were taken in straight set fashion on Tuesday, as they took advantage of all fronts against visiting Bolivar-Richburg to pick up their fifth win in their first seven matches in the shape of a 5-0 sweep.

At first singles, the Lions (5-2) saw Adam Iantorno engage in a battle right alongside Bolivar-Richburg’s Anthony Densmore, but would garner just enough room with the lead in hand to work his way out towards victory by a 6-2, 6-3 count.

Jeremiah Pensyl (second singles) and Wheeler Dahlgren (third singles) followed behind with 6-1, 6-1 and 6-0, 6-1 victories in their respective matches against Dustin Murray and Trevor Whitsell.

The hosts would later bring the brooms out on the match with a pair of 6-1, 6-0 wins from their doubles teams against the Wolverines (2-2), with the first doubles duo of Keenen O’Connor and Jonah Mac taking down Alex Parker and Nebula Wilson-Smith, while Brayden Taggart and Caydon Grimes scored the second doubles win over Starlyn Kisel and Jamie Werner.

Both teams are back on the court Thursday night in a pair of 5 p.m. first serves, with the Lions playing host to undefeated Fillmore, while Bolivar-Richburg heads back home to host Andover/Whitesville.


1. Adam Iantorno (WLSV) def. Anthony Densmore (B-R), 6-2, 6-3.

2. Jeremiah Pensyl (WLSV) def. Dustin Murray (B-R), 6-1, 6-1.

3. Wheeler Dahlgren (WLSV) def. Trevor Whitsell (B-R), 6-0, 6-1.


1. Keenen O’Connor/Jonah Mac (WLSV) def. Alex Parker/Nebula Wilson-Smith (B-R), 6-1, 6-0.

2. Brayden Taggart/Caydon Grimes (WLSV) def. Starlyn Kisel/Jamie Werner (B-R), 6-1, 6-0.


Wellsville dominates in quad-meet with C-R, Fri/Scio, host B-R

BOLIVAR — The Wellsville Lions track squad has run wild to start their 2024 campaign. From the start and leading up to Tuesday night’s visit to Bolivar-Richburg, they have been on fire and it would remain red hot after the night was over, as they scored a complete sweep across the boys and girls fields of competition to claim the win over Cuba-Rushford, Friendship/Scio and the host Wolverines.

The boys squad for the Lions continued a sensational start to their campaign with their 13th straight win in competition, using 13 total first place finishes and 145.5 total points to propel their way towards victory.

Amongst the individual winners were JJ Howard and Xavier Scott, as both competitors combined to record five of those wins — Howard posting three of those himself, garnering wins in the 200 dash, high jump and triple jump, while Scott sped his way to the finish line in the 100 dash and 110 hurdles.

Collin Perkins also chipped in with a pair of victories himself for the Lions, as he took high honors in the 800 and 1600 runs. Wellsville would also garner all three relay victories with wins in the 400, 1600 and 3200 relay events.

Other individual winners for the team in orange were Noah Joslyn (400 dash), Ben Jordan (3200 run) and Jack Davis (400 hurdles).

The Rebels of Cuba-Rushford placed second overall behind Wellsville with 79 points, scoring four first place finishes — two each by Tristan Clayson and Ethan Coleman, pairing them alongside a slew of secondary finishes to power up an outstanding performance of their own.

Clayson provided a sweep in both throwing events, garnering the winning distances in the shot put and discus, while Coleman catapulted his way towards triumphant glory in the long jump and pole vault.

Bolivar-Richburg finished third overall with 13 points, while Friendship/Scio rounded off the leaderboard with 8.5 points.

As for the girls division of competition, the Lady Lions continued the winning trend for the school by posting 146.5 first place points themselves, scoring 10 first place finishes, including a sweep of all three relay events themselves, to pave the way.

Talia O’Connor and Kaylee Oswald led the Lady Lions with two wins each, as O’Connor swept both the 100 and 400 hurdling events, while Oswald garnered winning distances in the shot put and discus events to keep her torrid season going.

In addition, Wellsville also saw three more wins develop across the meet, with Kaylie Fuller (3000 run), Brooklyn Dahlgren (high jump) and Jaden Dunbar (pole vault) all recording victories to round off another excellent performance.

The Lady Wolverines finished second behind the Lady Lions with 44 points, posting three first place finishes along the way.

Leading the charge was Carmen Crowley and her two wins from the sand pit, as she collected winning distances in the long and triple jumps. Raegan Giardini rounded off with her 800 run victory on the track.

Friendship/Scio placed third with 25.5 points and a pair of victories from Cassidy Scholla in the 100 and 200 dashes, while Cuba-Rushford finished fourth with 24 points by scoring two first place finishes from Cloey Larabee in the 400 dash and 1500 run.

The Lions are back home for action Thursday with a tri-meet in the Den, hosting Cuba-Rushford and Fillmore.

Boys Scores: Wellsville 145.5, Cuba-Rushford 79, Bolivar-Richburg 13, Friendship/Scio 8.5.


100 – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 12.0, 2. Anderson Siegel (C-R), 3. Brock Stadler (C-R).

200 – 1. JJ Howard (WLSV) 25.3, 2. Brock Stadler (C-R), 3. Evan Billings (WLSV).

400 – 1. Noah Joslyn (WLSV) 56.6, 2. Sawyer Rouse (C-R), 3. David Clark (WLSV).

800 – 1. Collin Perkins (WLSV) 2:27.6, 2. Nathaniel Flansburg (WLSV), 3. Caden Giardini (B-R).

1600 – 1. Collin Perkins (WLSV) 5:13.0, 2. Joe Wojciechowski (C-R), 3. Ben Jordan (WLSV).

3200 – 1. Ben Jordan (WLSV) 12:00.7, 2. Kamron Dodge (WLSV), 3. Alex Linn (C-R).

110H – 1. Xavier Scott (WLSV) 16.6, 2. Jack Davis (WLSV), 3. Aidan Jadwin (WLSV).

400H – 1. Jack Davis (WLSV) 1:03.6, 2. Aidan Jadwin (WLSV), 3. Calyn Todd (B-R).

400R – 1. Wellsville (Billings, Outman, Howard, Scott) 47.2, 2. Cuba-Rushford, 3. Bolivar-Richburg.

1600R – 1. Wellsville (Davis, Perkins, Clark, Joslyn) 3:25.7, 2. Cuba-Rushford, 3. Bolivar-Richburg.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (Dodge, Jordan, Perkins, Joslyn) 9:42.1, 2. Cuba-Rushford.

Shot – 1. Tristan Clayson (C-R) 40-4, 2. Xander Outman (WLSV), 3. Noah Black (WLSV).

Discus – 1. Tristan Clayson (C-R) 100-10, 2. Josh Grover (C-R), 3. Thomas Cooke (WLSV).

High Jump – 1. JJ Howard (WLSV) 6-0, 2. Jace Densmore (WLSV), 3. Jerimiah Brown (F/S).

Long Jump – 1. Ethan Coleman (C-R) 17-5, 2. Jace Densmore (WLSV), 3. Brenton Ahrens (C-R).

Tri Jump – 1. JJ Howard (WLSV) 38-4.5, 2. Brenton Ahrens (C-R), 3. Jace Densmore (WLSV).

Pole – 1. Ethan Coleman (C-R) 8-0, 2. Jack Davis (WLSV).

Girls Scores: Wellsville 146.5, Bolivar-Richburg 44, Friendship/Scio 25.5, Cuba-Rushford 24.


100 – 1. Cassidy Scholla (F/S) 13.6, 2. Brynn Lavery (C-R), 3. Maddie Muurisepp (WLSV).

200 – 1. Cassidy Scholla (F/S) 29.7, 2. Cloey Larabee (C-R), 3. Harmony Brantley (WLSV).

400 – 1. Cloey Larabee (C-R) 1:10.2, 2. Pala Alsworth (WLSV), 3. Cassidy Scholla (F/S).

800 – 1. Raegan Giardini (B-R) 2:55.4, 2. Morgan Mattison (WLSV), 3. Cloey Middaugh (WLSV).

1500 – 1. Cloey Larabee (C-R) 5:55.4, 2. Raegan Giardini (B-R), 3. Kaylie Fuller (WLSV).

3000 – 1. Kaylie Fuller (WLSV) 15:14.5, 2. Allie Bidzerkowny (WLSV).

100H – 1. Talia O’Connor (WLSV) 18.4, 2. Kori Thomas (B-R), 3. Maddie Muurisepp (WLSV).

400H – 1. Talia O’Connor (WLSV) 1:19.2, 2. Kori Thomas (B-R), 3. Marissa Weinhauer (WLSV).

400R – 1. Wellsville (O’Connor, Dahlgren, Brantley, Muurisepp) 56.5, 2. Bolivar-Richburg, 3. Cuba-Rushford.

1600R – 1. Wellsville (O’Connor, Mattison, Brantley, Alsworth) 5:15.6.

3200R – 1. Wellsville (Dunbar, Ader, Mattison, Fuller) 13:00.7.

Shot – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 37-6.5, 2. Makenna Cooke (WLSV), 3. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV).

Discus – 1. Kaylee Oswald (WLSV) 112-4, 2. Makenna Cooke (WLSV), 3. Sarah Mattison (WLSV).

High Jump – 1. Brooklyn Dahlgren (WLSV) 4-10, 2. Cassidy Scholla (F/S), 3. Raegan Giardini (B-R).

Long Jump – 1. Carmen Crowley (B-R) 13-5.25, 2. Kylie Phelps (WLSV), 3. Grace Kinnicutt (WLSV).

Tri Jump – 1. Carmen Crowley (B-R) 30-11.25, 2. Brena Walp (B-R), 3. Kylie Phelps (WLSV).

Pole – 1. Jaden Dunbar (WLSV) 8-3, 2. Selah Ader (WLSV), 3. Gracelyn Howe (WLSV).

GV/Belfast boys conquer, Fillmore girls triumph in tri-meet split at Houghton U

HOUGHTON — With half of the County’s teams all converging in Bolivar for quad-meet action, the remaining three teams: Genesee Valley/Belfast, Houghton Academy and Fillmore all swarmed Houghton University by storm Tuesday night to take part in tri-meet battle themselves, where the Genesee Valley/Belfast boys and the Lady Eagles squads took top honors with a pair of team victories.

Leading off in the boys division of competition, the Genesee Valley/Belfast boys took care of business behind 11 top finishes, as they recorded an 80-41 win over Fillmore and 96-4 win over Houghton Academy.

To pair with a sweep of all three relay events, Thayne Cobb and Brayden Cooper each recorded a pair of wins to aid the individual victories, with Cobb posting wins in the 100 dash and triple jump, while Cooper took to the track in the 200 and 400 dashes.

Noah Miller (3200 run), Bryce Davis (shot put), Kenton Shultz (high jump) and Wyatt Weaver (long jump) all posted wins of their own to help round out an excellent showing across all fronts.

Fillmore would place second with a split of the action, as they rolled past Houghton Academy with a 73-1 victory behind five first place finishes of their own.

Five different performers all ignited the individual victories for the Eagles, with Noah Strickland (800 run), Henry Sardina (1600 run), Jayce Ashton (400 hurdles), Gage Hartman (discus) and Eli Voss (pole vault) all tallying the triumphs.

As for the girls side of competition, that would belong to the Lady Eagles of Fillmore and their two team victories over Genesee Valley/Belfast (68-57) in close fashion, and Houghton Academy (102-6).

Captaining the seven first place finishes in all, were Ava Sylvester and Rachel Hatch, as each performer posted a pair of wins on the track, with Sylvester claiming gold in the 1500 and 3000 runs to sweep the distance events, while Hatch placed first in the 100 and 400 hurdles to bring out the brooms herself.

To pair alongside their winning 400 relay, Alex Thur (shot put) and Grace Russell (triple jump) helped round out the victories with one each.

Aside from their victorious 1600 relay, all six of Genesee Valley/Belfast’s top individual finishes were garnered by both Bayleigh Tallman and Sophie Zillgitt, with Tallman recording a meet-high grand total of four to propel the team’s second place overall finish after a bonus 80-11 victory over Houghton Academy along the way.

Tallman posted her wins in the 100 dash, 200 dash, 400 dash and from the field, in the long jump. Zilligtt was triumphant in the 800 run and in the high jump.

Houghton Academy saw just one first place finish come to ultimate fruition by Alexia Vierra, who posted the winning distance in the discus event.

On Thursday, Fillmore will join Cuba-Rushford in a 5 p.m. road trip to Wellsville, while Genesee Valley/Belfast and Houghton Academy join Friendship/Scio for a 5 p.m. meet at Bolivar-Richburg.

Boys Scores: Genesee Valley/Belfast 80, Fillmore 41; Genesee Valley/Belfast 96, Houghton Academy 4; Fillmore 73, Houghton Academy 1.


100 – 1. Thayne Cobb (GVB) 11.7, 2. Brayden Cooper (GVB), 3. Damien Rinker (GVB).

200 – 1. Brayden Cooper (GVB) 24.4, 2. Wyatt Weaver (GVB), 3. Damien Rinker (GVB).

400 – 1. Brayden Cooper (GVB) 55.5, 2. Lannden Tilton (GVB), 3. Sal Gambino (GVB).

800 – 1. Noah Strickland (FIL) 2:20.8, 2. Sal Gambino (GVB).

1600 – 1. Henry Sardina (FIL) 4:49.8, 2. Noah Strickland (FIL), 3. Noah Miller (GVB).

3200 – 1. Noah Miller (GVB) 12:01.0, 2. Noah Strickland (FIL).

400H – 1. Jayce Ashton (FIL) 1:28.5.

400R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Rinker, Jenkins, Bradt, Weaver) 50.4.

1600R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Tilton, Rinker, Cobb, Cooper) 3:57.8.

3200R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Gambino, Rice, Miller, Tilton) 10:41.7.

Shot – 1. Bryce Davis (GVB) 30-7.25, 2. Caleb Green (FIL), 3. Wyatt Green (GVB).

Discus – 1. Gage Hartman (FIL) 86-7, 2. Jaydin Marshall (FIL), 3. Kenton Shultz (GVB).

High Jump – 1. Kenton Shultz (GVB) 5-3, 2. Nathan Tanner (FIL).

Long Jump – 1. Wyatt Weaver (GVB) 17-4.75, 2. Tate Jenkins (GVB), 3. D’Andre LaClair (GVB).

Tri Jump – 1. Thayne Cobb (GVB) 39-10, 2. Kenton Shultz (GVB), 3. Jayce Ashton (FIL).

Pole – 1. Eli Voss (FIL) 6-6.

Girls Scores: Fillmore 68, Genesee Valley/Belfast 57; Fillmore 102, Houghton Academy 6; Genesee Valley/Belfast 80, Houghton Academy 11.


100 – 1. Bayleigh Tallman (GVB) 14.1, 2. Harlee Crane (FIL), 3. Paityn Worthington (FIL).

200 – 1. Bayleigh Tallman (GVB) 28.6, 2. Harlee Crane (FIL), 3. Jillian Beardsley (FIL).

400 – 1. Bayleigh Tallman (GVB) 1:04.6, 2. Kylie Songster (FIL), 3. Rylie France (FIL).

800 – 1. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB) 2:46.5, 2. Ava Sylvester (FIL), 3. Angelina Dowling (FIL).

1500 – 1. Ava Sylvester (FIL) 6:24.0, 2. Jillian Beardsley (FIL), 3. Annalisa Bialek (FIL).

3000 – 1. Ava Sylvester (FIL) 13:46.4, 2. Annalisa Bialek (FIL), 3. Samayah Lussier (GVB).

100H – 1. Rachel Hatch (FIL) 17.9, 2. Cayleigh Shipman (GVB), 3. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB).

400H – 1. Rachel Hatch (FIL) 1:12.5, 2. Allyson Hazelton (GVB).

400R – 1. Fillmore (France, Songster, Worthington, Crane) 59.8.

1600R – 1. Genesee Valley/Belfast (Brown, Burdick, Bentley, Hazelton) 6:04.7.

Shot – 1. Alex Thur (FIL) 23-3.25, 2. Ava Sylvester (FIL), 3. Destiney Stann (FIL).

Discus – 1. Alexia Vierra (HA) 63-4.25, 2. Morgan Bentley (GVB), 3. Alex Thur (FIL).

High Jump – 1. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB) 4-7, 2. Josslyn Andrews (FIL), 3. Allyson Hazelton (GVB).

Long Jump – 1. Bayleigh Tallman (GVB) 14-6, 2. Sophie Zillgitt (GVB), 3. Paityn Worthington (FIL).

Tri Jump – 1. Grace Russell (FIL) 26-2.25, 2. Morgan Bentley (GVB)

GOLF: Fillmore wins

RUSHFORD — Tom Parks has had quite a few shining moments unravel across his coaching career, during his time in Fillmore.

From winning the very first Section V championship with his girls basketball program when the snow falls outside, to taking the glory back outdoors in the Spring with another title-capturing campaign, this time out on the links — also a first in school history, in 2019.

Along the way during those Spring seasons, Parks has had the rare opportunity to experience something else — coaching against his children.

Even though his graduate son Mason, and now senior daughter Maddy donned the black and orange colors that belong to Wellsville, the competitiveness in the family is as prevalent as it’s ever been before.

But at the end of the day, the moments they share together at one place and at one time, those will last a lifetime no matter the result.

Tuesday night at Allegheny Hills in Rushford began the first of those two final acts of togetherness when Wellsville and Fillmore collided in the midst of some havoc-wreaking winds and chilly temperatures on the links.

Despite it all, behind a masterfully composed round conducted by Anderson Wiltsey, the host Eagles were able to remain unbeaten with their third straight victory to open up their campaign, as they went past the Lions with a 192-215 victory.

“This was one of the last times I had the opportunity to coach against one of my kids,” Parks said. “It’s always special to be able to share the court, course of field with Mason and now Maddy, even if it is as opponents. We’re a very competitive family and they’ve gotten the best of me quite a few times, so it was nice to have bragging rights at least for now. We’ll have one more opportunity at the rematch in Wellsville coming up in a couple weeks.”

Parks added on the match, noting that “This was a pretty competitive match. Although the course was in pretty nice shape, the wind was definitely a factor. Reid (Cockle) and Anderson have been consistent as our top scorers and other players have been stepping up on different nights to be difference makers themselves. Zach Sisson is playing his first year of competitive golf and his 50 was huge for us. I only see him getting lower and lower as he gets more rounds under his belt. It’s a nice luxury to have a kid like that to help add so much more depth.”

Wiltsey garnered top honors at the end of the night for the Eagles (3-0), as he battled the winds to provide the medalist round of 43 to aid the victory. Right behind him was Reid Cockle, who pitched in with a 46. Zach Sisson chipped in with a round of 50, while Jack Cool rounded off the efforts with his score of 53.

Wellsville (3-4) was led by Ethan Bailey at the top of their scorecard, firing a team-best round of 45. Fletcher Kaye carded a round of 52, while Noah Brogan and Maddy Parks rounded off the scoring with their scores of 58 and 60, respectively.

Both teams will hit the links again Thursday night in a pair of 4 p.m. tee times, with Fillmore looking for their fourth straight win with a visit to the Bolivar Golf Club to take on the host Wolverines of Bolivar-Richburg, while the Lions head back home themselves to host the Hinsdale Bobcats at the Wellsville Country Club.

Genesee Valley/Belfast 223, Bolivar-Richburg 249

BOLIVAR — At the Bolivar Golf Club on Tuesday, Genesee Valley/Belfast’s Grant Preston captained the front of the pack during their road meeting with the host Wolverines of Bolivar-Richburg, as he once again garnered medalist honors and aided the team’s fourth straight win to crack open their campaign on the links with a 223-249 victory.

Preston finished just a stroke ahead of his teammate Will Guilford at the top of the Genesee Valley/Belfast (4-0) scorecard, leading the way behind the match-low round of 51. Guilford followed up with his round of 52 to further the team’s cause. Chris Weaver chipped in with a 57, while Zach Davis concluded with a 63.

Bolivar-Richburg (0-3) was led by David Abdo and his team-low round of 55. James Margeson was next on the card, finishing a round of 59. Zach Mitchell chipped in with a 67, and Cayden Gaines had a 69 to finish off the scoring for the Wolverines, who will now get set to host undefeated Fillmore on Thursday at 4 p.m.

Genesee Valley/Belfast will look for their fifth straight win back home at the Wellsville Country Club today, weather permitting, with a 4 p.m. visit from Arkport-Canaseraga.

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