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The 2023 calendar “Wellsville: Then….Now” was a big fundraiser!


History loving sisters make a big impact with locally focused calendars

By Andrew Harris

The Comstock girls, Jackie and Ann, have done a lot of arts and crafts projects together over the years. The latest “project” that they have taken on has really taken off!

In 2022, they produced “The Women of Wellsville,” a calendar that looked back at the many important women in our local history. That sold out and generated some nice returns, which the Comstock’s donated to the community.

They had so much fun that the sisters turned to each other and said, “Let’s do that again!!”

“Wellsville: Then… Now” was the 2023 calendar and they sold quickly to the many history buffs and supporters who love Wellsville lore. This little project raised thousands for the community and the Comstock’s decided to donate to perhaps the two most important institutions in Wellsville: The David A. Howe Library and Jones Memorial Hospital.

Jackie and Ann handed over $1000 to Nick Gunning, Director of the DAH, and $1000 to James Helms the CEO of Jones Memorial.

So we had to ask: Are you doing another calendar? What will be the focus ?

Jackie and Ann answered that question:

“Yes we are starting another calendar and here is a little teaser: “Who helped build Wellsville??”

Thank you for your support of the two previous calendars. Thank you to the vendors that sell them and we appreciate everyone’s help to support our community.  Our sun is to keep Wellsville history alive!”

To find more exciting historical information about Wellsville come to the Nathaniel Dike museum on Wednesdays 1-4 pm.

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