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The “Women of Wellsville” calendar is a great success, sparks new tradition


Sales from the 2022 calendar benefit three key Wellsville institutions

By Andrew Harris

In November 2021, Jackie Comstock announced on the Wellsville Sun that she and a few of her fellow history buffs at the Thelma Rogers Genealogical and Historical Society went down a wormhole. Three Wellsville ladies: Jackie, Ann Comstock, and Angela Glickstein found some very interesting women in Wellsville’s history and had a genius idea: Let’s celebrate these women and make a calendar to sell and raise money for great causes!!!

These three “Women of Wellsville” in their own right, are happy to announce the idea has turned out to be a big success. The calendars have been purchased by delighted customers all over the country, the bills have been paid, and the profits have been donated to three great recipients:

First, the organization that made it all happen, the Thelma Rogers Genealogical and Historical Society President Marsha Sick receives a check from the Comstock girls:

Next the founders of the calendar paid a visit to Nick Dunning, Director of the David A. Howe Library with another check. Wellsville’s public library is a central theme in the history of women in Wellsville, making it a fitting choice.

The third stop that the Comstock’s made was to Wellsville’s arguably most important institution, Jones Memorial Hospital. Healthcare, especially for women has been and is still essential to the health and well being of the entire community. Many of the women in Wellsville’s history had direct ties to the hospital.

Jackie reports that because of the success, and the importance of the project, they plan to keep publishing the calendars. Look for the “Women of Wellsville 2023” to be available for purchase later this year.

In the meantime stay tuned for an upcoming story about a “Walk Wellsville Map” that has just been printed by the historical society.

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