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By Lacey Gardner

Election 2023: Brad Loucks is running for Town of Wellsville Highway Superintendent


Read more about the Democratic and Highway Party challenger, Q & A

By Andrew Harris

Candidate Statement

I am running for highway superintendent for the town of Wellsville because with my current supervisory responsibilities, I feel that I can run the highway department better than it currently is. I also would like to be more actively engaged in civil and community activities. Due to the fact that my three children are very active in the Wellsville school system my current job has me away from Wellsville a good share of the time and I’d like to be more actively involved with them.

SUN: Please summarize your Education/Work/Military Experience:  

Brad Loucks: I’d like to first say that I am born and raised in Wellsville and went to the Wellsville Central School and also attended Allegany county, BOCES obtaining certification in heavy equipment operations. This education became invaluable during my current employment in working with heavy equipment and operations. I graduated from FLCC with an Associate degree in conservation law enforcement. I am also a member Laborer Local 621 Heavy Highway. I’ve been Employed by OTIS Minnesota for 18 years, of which I’ve held the titles of foreman and straw boss. During this 18 years, my responsibilities have included to install pipeline, access roads, ditch restoration, stream restorations and some bridge work. I have also had to be aware of equipment upkeep.

SUN: What is the single most important job of the Town of Wellsville Highway Superintendent?

Brad Loucks: The most important job of the highway superintendent is to maintain the highway system, the highway equipment, public properties related to the town within a fixed budget.

SUN: Is the current budget for the “highway department” lean and mean?  or taxpayer beware ? 

Brad Loucks: Tax Payer beware: I have heard many different conversations and agree with what I have heard; that many of the roads ditches and right-of-ways have not been properly maintained over the past few years. Some of the bridges are falling in further disrepair and it does not appear there any future planning for capital improvements.

SUN: The new town building will be finished under your watch, what do you think about that project and how can the town best utilize that facility to benefit the taxpayer ?

Brad Loucks: You state that the highway building will be finished under my watch, I’m not so sure about that. The projected completion from start to finish was supposed to only take three years. The simple design concept has had many set backs. And my understanding is that part of the building has not yet been determined. I feel the best use of the building and the land owned by the town could be better utilized through cooperative efforts between the town and village boards for joint equipment storage and office.

SUN: Should Allegany County have separate highway department, town supervisor, town court, town board, etc, or should we be pursuing more regional governments with planned consolidation ?

Brad Loucks: I understand the concept of regional government and planning. I don’t currently think the municipalities in Allegany County are willing to take that next step towards regional government. But I feel we should always be working towards plan consolidation in an effort to always benefit the taxpayer and municipal enhancements.

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