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By John Tucker

New York Landquest founder Girard Kelly is the top real estate agent in Allegany County NY


Read our quick interview with the top salesman in the county

By Andrew Harris

If you are selling any sort of real estate, the decision to hire a successful agent is critical. Many sellers choose a friend of a friend, or a discount agent, or the same realtor who sold them the house in 1983.

Today, if you are looking at the Allegany County real estate market, one agent and his growing agency stand apart. Girard Kelly has been the top performing agent in the county for many years now.

We asked him a few questions about his success, about the growth of New York LandQuest, and the Allegany County real estate market in general:

SUN: How many years have you been the top selling real estate agent in Allegany County ?  

Girard: Approximately 4 years I have been in the top selling agents of Allegany County

SUN: To what do you account for being number one and by such a wide margin against pretty stiff competition like Howard Hanna, HUNT, and Middaugh real estate firms ?

Girard: Dedication and loyalty to my clients would be the number one reason.   I’m motivated and knowledgeable with years of experience in the real estate market.   I have very aggressive, talented agents with years of experience and an outstanding marketing team who all work great together to keep our clients happy.   We are also available 7 days a week.   

SUN: What was the first property you sold as a real estate agent?

Girard: The first property I sold was a lakefront cottage on Rushford lake approximately 30 yrs ago.

SUN: As a co-owner of New York Landquest, you have seen some wild fluxuations in the real estate market over a career.  People often refer to the market as a ‘buyers’ or ‘sellers’ market.  Where is the Allegany County market today ?

Girard: The market today is definitely a sellers market.   We have many buyers out there looking to buy. We have seen an influx of out of the area buyers in the last few years. 

SUN: Allegany County has hired an imagery service to document every square inch of the county with the ability for the tax assessor to “zoom in” on any structure or property that has been improved or altered for reassessment purposes since 2006.  How do you feel about that ?

Girard: With the growth of technology it was more than likely to happen sooner or later.   I believe it would make a more fair assessment with its accuracy to detail across the board as far as reevaluations go.   

SUN: Your firm is growing fast all across New York State and earning a reputation for not just sales but service.  What is your secret to creating such an effective team over such a wide geographic area ?  How many agents are currently working with New York Landquest?    

Girard: Landquest has  a great supportive mentoring system in place for our all agents and we all try to help each other out to be successful.  We treat all of our agents and employees like family.    

We currently have 19 agents who work in several counties across the state of NY.

SUN: If you are an agent for a firm other than New York Landquest, why would it be a good idea to consider hopping on the New York Landquest team ?   

Girard: Our main goal is to see all of our agents be successful in our agency and have the flexibility to have a life as well. As a brokerage. Landquest works very closely with our agents daily.. Landquest has a support team for all our agents and employees. 

SUN: If you are considering selling a house, what is the one thing that sets you and your firm apart ?

Girard: Loyalty. dedication, honesty, hardworking, and the expertise knowledge of the ever changing real estate market.

Our level of service is top notch keeping our clients best interest in mind.  

Contact Girard anytime, or visit

Check out this recent property listed with Girard:

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