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Great Blue Heron by Melinda Knox Photography

Fassett Greenspace to host two local artists on Friday July 21, public welcome


Amber Schuson Art and Gallery Guthrie will be in the garden from 5-7pm

By Andrew Harris

Picture this: Main Street Wellsville garden hosting an art and photography show on Balloon Rally Friday evening. A talented painter and photographer each doing their thing as the sky fills with hot air balloons. Watch a painter create inspired art, be in the picture that the expert photographer takes.

Sure it could rain or bluster and the balloons won’t fill the air, but unless it is a hurricane this event will be rain or shine.

Gallery Guthrie, brought to you by popular local photographer Lauren Morehouse Guthrie, is planning a “community giveback” during the event. That means you and your family can have a quick photo session by Lauren with up to five free digital downloads! Bring your favorite people and get some pics by the Greenspace fountain or flower gardens…..maybe even with a dozen hot air balloons in flight as the backdrop!!

Lauren is excited to do any style portrait, from individual pictures to a group of great friends. Gallery Guthrie is a community focused local business. Connect with the artist on Facebook.

Is there anything more interesting and charming than an emerging artist holding a public art show on a small town Main Street. If all goes well, the artist will be painting in the garden during the show!

The artist is Amber Schuson, who as you can see in the gallery below, works largely in the abstract. A quintessential artist if I’ve ever met one, she takes a moment, an idea, or a whim and turns it into artwork. Her popularity is growing and Amber is doing more and more commissoned work. Don’t miss meeting the artist, see her work in person, and watch her create art in the moment.

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