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“Funny Money” in the village of Wellsville


Wellsville Village Police have reported two separate incidents this week

By Andrew Harris

Local businesses should be double checking any cash payments more carefully after two local men have been arrested for using fake currency in the village. On Tuesday, officers arrested a 33 year old man for trying to pay for groceries with a one hundred dollar bill on June 7th. iant Food Mart reported the funny money which Chief of Police Timothy O’Grady said had the words, “Copy money,” creatively placed on the bill. That incident resulted in misdemeanor charge of petit larceny.

Yesterday village police made a second arrest at the Dollar General Store after a cashier decided that the cash didn’t look quite right. Officers responded and arrested a 44 year old Wellsville man for petit larceny. The man wasn’t compliant during the arrest and will face another charge of resisting arrest when he explains himself in village court on July 18.

Chief O’Grady wasn’t exactly sure of the source of the funny cash but didn’t feel it was a part of criminal counterfeiting scheme. “This stuff can be purchased off sites like Ebay by anyone. My guess is that someone in the village purchased a bundle of fake bills and they are in circulation.”

O’Grady cautioned residents and businesses to take a good look at any cash recieved, and report irregular cash to the Wellsville Police Department, 585 593 5600

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