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The Solutions Hub already providing assistance to businesses and individuals looking for coworking center



Shane Allen in front of The Solutions Hub. Just inside the door, the first three suites are ready to be used. You can walk in and have high-speed internet, a beautiful furnished office and the latest in computers, software and even printing capabilities, from pages to a 3-D printer. John Anderson photo.

There have been a lot of stories and posts about the municipal parking lot and the businesses in the village of Wellsville. One man has created a solutions hub, literally.

Wellsville businessman Shane Allen purchased the former Super Duper at 36 Madison Street and has been working over the past year to open a new technology and coworking center.

The Solutions Hub is a new collaboration resource for individuals, groups and businesses in the Wellsville area. The building is also known as the former Allegany Arc Antoon building. The Solutions Hub has plenty of free parking in the municipal lot.

As Shane Allen talked about the opening of The Solutions Hub at the old Super Super and Allegany Arc building in the Municipal Parking lot off Madison Street, several business owners and customers pulled in and out of the free parking spots he owns.

Wellsville is known as a community that cares and helps others. Allen found himself rushing to open a little sooner than anticipated when attorney Mike Finn with Hutter & Finn lost his offices to a fire in an upstairs apartment. Finn had hundreds of clients who needed his services. Allen, who owns Computer Solutions on Main Street as well, went to work.

While The Solutions Hub was still in the renovation stages, Allen spent all of his free time getting the space ready for Finn and his staff to continue their important legal work for the community with minimal down time.

Finn gave the first glowing review, before the doors even opened!

“Shane Allen at The Solutions Hub allowed us to easily integrate. We were able to migrate instantly with newer technology upgrades as well as to work in a state-of-the-art facility so we can better serve our clients,” Finn said.

At The Solutions Hub, Allen has created an ultra-modern coworking space that will also provide the community with technology-heavy workspace and resources not typically available in most rural communities.

So, what is coworking?

“Coworking is where various tenants such as start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or even nonprofits rent a shared work space and use communal facilities,” Allen said. “And it’s not just limited to those groups. Coworking spaces are appealing to incubators, remote workers, and business developers who need a part time space to work, because coworking saves on overhead costs.”

The Solutions Hub offers ultra-modern full and part time work-ready offices and work spaces, along with resources geared towards the needs of the community. It will give access to emerging technologies and will allow for growth in business, personal skills, networking and the sense of community.

“We still have a lot of work to do. By investing myself into this project, my hope is that I can create a valuable community resource that can aid in the flourishing of life and business in the community,” Allen said.

The Solutions Hub will embrace the use of new and emerging technologies and help bring them to Wellsville.

“Too often, individuals and businesses need access to technology that might not be viable to purchase themselves. Our goal is to give the community access to these technology resources” Allen said. “This will include access to digital printing, 3D design, collaboration tools, virtual reality resources, emerging AI technologies, video conferencing meeting rooms, even audio & video production/podcast studios. Eventually, The Solutions Hub will provide technology trainings and host social events.”

If you are interested in a full-time space or have any technology contributions to be used as a community resource, contact Shane Allen at The Solutions Hub at 585-593-5389 or feel free to email him at

Visit The Solutions Hub Facebook page or on Instagram:

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