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Allegany County’s oldest print newspaper to end operations, last issue this week


The Patriot, based in Cuba NY, has been unable to find a new owner, halts publication

By Andrew Harris

Customers, readers, news lovers, advertisers, and retail outlets will have one less newspaper on the shelf after this week. The weekly newpaper best known as the “Cuba Patriot,” will stop operating after this week. This publication has been in operation since the end of the US Civil War. The publishers of the paper have every intention of selling the entity and hope it will resume circulation.

Disclosure: Yes, the Wellsville Sun has been approached to purchase the Patriot, has been provided basic information about the business, and an informal offer was made which never recieved a response.

The Wellsville Sun wants to provide Cuba NY with the local news essential for a healthy community, and democracy. Engage with us:, we already provide regular Cuba NY features along with updates from the Cuba Police Department, The Palmer Opera House, and the Cuba Library.

Cuba Lake: We really enjoy your brand of lake life and we lots of family and friends on the lake. Sent us your events, your pics of summer living, and don’t forget we publish obituaries and local announcements.

Writers, advertising executives, and former customers of the Patriot should contact the Wellsville Sun to discuss Cuba and Cattauragus County opportunities. or connect with the Wellsville Sun on Facebook.

From the Cuba Patriot & Free Press:


The PATRIOT and Free Press, serving Cuba and Allegany County NY since 1862, is taking a break.

This 162-year-old newspaper has witnessed many changes and The PATRIOT has been there to report what’s happening. How we communicate with each other has also changed. Every new way to spread “the news” has required its predecessor to make adjustments in order to survive and serve its community. So it is with your PATRIOT. 

To succeed and continue its long life in small town community journalism,

The PATRIOT is seeking a new owner

and, due to retirement, has been doing so for two years. What’s needed is a special person, team or group with the means and will to take on this honor and responsibility to the community and continue this legacy in their own way.

During the summer, the office will be closed to the public.

We will be spending the summer continuing our search for new ownership, though we’ll continue to take care of business matters.  We will also pause, reflect, and respond to the changes that have taken place. 

After the summer, if we have not found a new owner, we will get back in touch with advertisers and subscribers.

Anyone interested in learning more about becoming the next owner of the Patriot is asked to email:

Please be patient – and thank you for missing us!

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