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Northland Power, Sidewalk, Equipment, ZBA and Planning Boards

From Alfred Town Supervisor Daniel Acton

A representative of Northland Power, which proposes a 100 MW solar project on McAndrews Road, attended our monthly meeting for the purpose of highlighting several documents sent to the town on the day of the meeting. These had to do with project setbacks, visual screening, percent of farmland used, and decommissioning plans. It was understood by all that we were not in a position to comment on these at this time and that the board would review these with their consultants in preparation for discussion at the next board meeting.

The next discussion centered around a draft memo of understanding among the town, village, Alfred State College, and Alfred University for the purpose of removing snow on the proposed sidewalk from Dollar General to ServU Credit Union. The board was concerned about how this would be coordinated and if snow would be removed on weekends. Following this line of thought it was proposed that we consider installing streetlights along the existing shoulder of the road, and line the shoulder of the road for pedestrian and bicycle use. This idea will be communicated to the engineers to see if it is doable within the terms of the grant.

Highway Superintendent Bob Halsey raised the issue of plow trucks that are 9 to 17 years old and are frequently breaking down. The cost of a new dual-axle truck starts at $280,000 with a one-year wait time. The board suggest he get more information on payment schedules so this could be discussed at the next meeting.

Finally, the board returned to the problem of finding community members who are willing to serve on our boards, in particular the planning and zoning board of appeals. We previously thought of combining these two boards but in recognition of the increased burden this merger would create for the members, it was decided to redouble our efforts to find citizens willing to serve on these boards.

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