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Wellsville Ljungstrom touts new product, new long term goals


The “Modular Anode Cage” is the start of a new US offshore wind business

By Andrew Harris

You may know the facility by another name: ABB, Air-Preheater, Alstom, or Arvos. The once cornerstone manufactuaring operation was a specialist in building “scrubbers,” or Air-Preheaters. All around the globe, Wellsville made products that acted as giant filters, and energy recyclers, that sat on top of massive smokestacks, often coal fired electricity generators. The business of the facility was a reduce emmisions, cut smog, end acid rain. Now, in the age of renewable energy, the new market for the Wellsville operation is off-shore wind.

The old “pre-heater” has reinvented itself through a rough decade in the international business world. Years of layoffs, plant closures, and half empty parking lots have been replaced with a massive help-wanted sign, new construction, and the parking lots are slowly filling back up. They aren’t back to three full shifts running seven days a week, but the future looks bright.

Today, they unvieled a look at the work they are doing by showing off a new product:

“This is the very first of our custom designed modular anode cage, that was manufactured in Wellsville, NY for the thriving offshore wind market. To some, it may just be an anode cage, but this is a notable moment for LJUNGSTRÖM that signals the start of our long term goal to support the US offshore wind business.

We are excited that we have a great pipeline of these and other anode cages to build in our Wellsville facility, and look forward to being a trusted partner for years to come. Our thanks go to our customers Riggs Distler and Ørsted for trusting us with the critical deliveries of these anode cages along with many other secondary steel items.


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