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How to calculate wind chill, avoid frostbite


As temperatures are about to dip to dangerous levels, take precautions

From Fox Weather

To determine the wind chill temperature, find the value closest to your outside air temperature. Find the value that most closely represents your present wind speed. Your wind chill temperature is the value where lines drawn from the air temperature and wind cross.

For example, the NWS notes if the outside temperature is minus 30 degrees and the wind speed is 10 mph, frostbite can occur in 10 minutes or less with a wind chill temperature of minus 53 degrees.

To avoid frostbite, it’s advised to stay inside where it’s warm. But if you must venture outside, try to cover every part of your body and keep your skin dry. 

Signs of frostbite can include the formation of ice crystals on your skin, as well as redness and/or pain in an area of exposed skin. Numbness and skin that feels firm or waxy can also be a sign of frostbite.

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