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Genesee NY man gets 18 years hard time for attempted murder


Jail sentence over the August stabbing of an 82 year-old man on his lawnmower

By Andrew Harris

The scene this summer just outside of a Bolivar NY home was intense. An elderly man was viciously attacked with a knife while mowing his lawn. According to reports at the scene, the man was trapped under the lawnmower when police arrived. His injuries were so severe that a medi-vac helicopter we flown into the scene to transport the victim.

Shawn I. Deahn, who already had an order of protection against him by the victim, fled the scene and was quickly apprehended and arrested for the crime. Today 1st-Assistant District Attorney Ian M. Jones announced the successful prosecution of Deahn, one of the longest prison sentences handed down by an Allegany Court in recent memory:

Defendant’s Name:  Shawn I. Deahn

Address:  Genesee, New York       

Charges:      Attempted Murder 2nd (B violent felony):
Assault 1st (B violent velony);
Criminal Contempt 1st (E felony);
Criminal Possession of Weapon 3rd (D felony).             

Court Appearance Date:  February 2, 2023

Proceedings:  Shawn Deahn was sentenced to 18 years in state prison in Allegany County Court, following his conviction on four felony charges, including a top charge of Attempted Murder.  Back on August 11, 2022, Deahn stabbed his victim in the chest and arm multiple times, trying to kill him.  At sentencing, 1st Assistant District Attorney, Ian M. Jones, cited the defendant’s extensive criminal history and the violent nature of the crime in arguing for the 18 year sentence.      

Defendant’s Attorney:  Public Defender’s Office      

Prosecuting Attorney:  Ian M. Jones, Assistant District Attorney     

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