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BREAKING NEWS: Texas company expands to Wellsville in Dresser-Rand building as Kinley Construction starts hiring


A look at Kinley Advanced Technical Services equipment as it moves into the former Dresser-Rand in Wellsville (Kinley Construction photo)


An oil and gas company that started in Western New York but moved to Texas is returning with a boom in Wellsville.

Kinley Construction is moving into the former Dresser-Rand building on Coats Street and work on complex steam turbines will once again take place in the major manufacturing facility.

Dresser-Rand was a shell of itself when the doors closed for good in 2020. But for decades, the manufacturing facility was the #1 employers in Allegany County.

Kinley Construction said their newest division with growing services and capabilities is called Kinley Advanced Technical Services (KATS). They will provide service, maintenance and parts manufacturing for a wide range of industrial engines, equipment and components.

The company says KATS specializes in inspection, repair, and overhaul of complex steam turbines, trip and throttle valves, reciprocating compressors and engines, and centrifugal compressors.

​”KATS service and repair facility will soon open in Wellsville, NY, bringing new jobs to the Allegany County area,” the company said in a release. “The facility was a former manufacturing facility that closed in 2020, taking with it multiple manufacturing jobs. Given Kinley Construction’s rich history in Western New York, KATS is especially proud to play an important role in driving economic growth in the region.”

(This is the link to submit an application for all jobs with Kinley, click HERE for the careers page)

A look at Kinley Advanced Technical Services equipment as it moves into the former Dresser-Rand in Wellsville (Kinley Construction photo)

On the company website they are hiring for specific technical services:


Steam turbine rotor design engineering; Parts engineering; Turbine and compressor repair engineering; Client training

Field Service:

High speed reciprocating compressor inspection & repair; Integral engine inspection & repair; Low speed engine inspection & repair; I&E new construction & repair; Maintenance service contracts on all rotating equipment

Steam Turbines

Inspection, repair and overhaul of steam turbines and steam turbine rotors; Spin test steam turbines; Reverse engineer all steam turbine parts and components; Manufacture new parts

T&T Valves

Inspect & repair T&T valves; Hydro and hydraulic operational test of the T&T valve; Reverse engineer and manufacture valve parts.

Reciprocating Compressors & Engines:

Head inspection & repair; Crosshead inspection & repair; Connecting rod inspection & repair; Piston & piston rod inspection & repair; Coolant and oil pump inspection & repair

Centrifugal Compressors:

Inspect & repair centrifugal compressor rotors; Overhaul & repair centrifugal compressors; Reverse engineer all centrifugal compressor parts and components

Manufacture new parts

Stock integral engine parts, Stock low speed compressor parts

The history:

The 1800’s-1909: Kinley Tanneries, Timber, Oil and Gas

Kinley family-owned and operated businesses date back to the mid-1800’s when Adam Kinley started tannery-manufacturing and timber harvesting in western New York.

In the late 1800’s, oil was discovered in the region and Adam Kinley’s son, William, formed Kinley Oil Company in 1909. Kinley Oil Company continued producing oil and gas in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania for the next 80 years.

The Launch of Kinley Construction

​The Kinley family extended their operations in the early 1980s by establishing oil and gas operations in Oklahoma and Texas. At the same time, they began industry-related construction projects across the U.S. This was spear-headed by J.L. Kinley, the fifth generation of Kinley family to own and manage the business.

​J.L. and his father, Jim Kinley, purchased and developed an existing fuel terminal in Omaha, NE. The terminal supplied jet fuel to the Offutt Air Force Base. This led to J.L. constructing, owning and managing additional fuel terminals in California, Idaho, North Dakota and Nebraska. These projects and construction crews led to the formation of Kinley Construction.

Coming to the Wellsville area? This is THE place to stay!!!

Today’s Kinley Construction

​Now known as Kinley Construction Group (KCG), the company is headquartered in Arlington, TX and is a nationally-recognized, premier general contractor with deep knowledge and experience in the mechanical fueling industry.

KCG specializes in industrial projects related to fuel, energy and transportation throughout the United States, Canada and other parts of North America, focusing primarily on hydrocarbon products including crude oil, ethanol, liquid propane gas, natural gas, condensate, jet fuel, diesel and gasoline.

Since its inception, Kinley Construction Group has completed thousands of fueling and fueling-related projects at major airports, railroad facilities, fuel pipeline terminals, crude oil loading/unloading terminals, Department of Defense facilities, energy facilities, and waste water treatment plants. Many of our employees have self-performed and/or managed a variety of projects throughout the country.

Kinley is also a leader in Design/Build, where Kinley takes a project from the concept phase through the construction to the system startup. Design/Build has been an expertise of Kinley since 2003, when ethanol was distributed by rail and Kinley constructed hydrocarbon loading and offloading facilities across the U.S.

With a pool of internal and external industry professionals and an average Kinley employee tenure of over 15 years, the firm has a wealth of experience and resources to leverage in delivering an exceptional customer experience in industrial fueling projects.

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