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Medical Transport Service crew delivery baby boy while en route to Jones Memorial


Listen to audio from the rare event

From the Allegany Fire Wire

Congratulations to the MTS crew who within the last 10 minutes assisted in a successful birth while enroute to the hospital. Mts 803 with medic 700 and 702 assisted Amity on location for an impending birth.

While enroute to Jones memorial 803 transmitted the baby had been successfully delivered in the ambulance.

This is a rare miracle, the status of mother and baby are not known currently. We will update the post once we know more

Update: We have learned momma and baby boy are doing well!

Listen to the “scanner chatter”:

Michael T. Baldwin added:

As any medic can confirm, the last place for childbirth is in the back of an ambulance. However, sometimes kids don’t listen. Medical Transport Service (MTS) had an experience Thursday morning. While transporting a 21-year-old woman from Amity to Jones Memorial in Wellsville, the child said…nope…not gonna make it. At 5:35 a.m. medics in the back of the ambulance delivered the baby. According to Allegany County Fire Wire “momma and baby boy are doing well.” The incident occurred as winds were whipping and snow was flying. As a former paramedic, I had the joy of assisting in the delivery of three children – two in the field and one in a Buffalo hospital. I was thankful each delivery was problem-free and the newborns were fine.

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