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Allegany Arts Association may call it quits after four decades


From the Board of Directors of the AAA

ALLEGANY COUNTY – Has the Allegany Arts Association completed its mission; should it continue, or should it disband?

At 6 p.m. Dec. 7th in the Exhibition Room at the David A, Howe Library the Allegany Arts Association will hold its annual meeting for the election of officers and board appointments or the members present will be asked to decide if the 40-year-old organization should close its doors and shutdown.

It was started for the purpose of bringing awareness of the arts to the public and to increase access to the arts locally. The current officers are wondering if through social media and the robust state of the arts throughout the county if its original mission has been reached?

Like many organizations the AAA is faced with a lack of volunteers who are not only willing to serve in an office, but who also help with programs. Over the last year a handful out of the over 120 people listed as members have attended the monthly meeting and organized programs. Those five faithful attendees are weary, and some would like to step away from the responsibility of keeping the organization vibrant and engaged. For over two years, there has been no vice president. President Sheila Kalkbrenner who has served well past her tenure in office has submitted her formal resignation.

As was intended, the AAA has supplied numerous opportunities to poets, artists, dancers, and musicians over the years. For decades it has provided free Summer Art Programs for children across the county. Some years those free offerings extended to winter breaks. It publishes a quarterly newsletter highlighting new and established artists and announcing artistic and cultural programs, activities, and opportunities.

Those planning to nominate officers please RSVP with nominations by Dec. 5 to

All members of the Allegany Arts Association, whether Sponsors or Angels are being asked to attend this vital meeting where the future of the Allegany Arts Association will be decided.

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