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ICYMI: Professional baseball in Wellsville was a very big deal


A must read 2021 two-part series with local baseball super-fan Bill Hendrick

By Andrew Harris, pictured is Elrod Hendrick, former Wellsville player

In case you missed this last November, our mini-series, “Me and My Uncle,” took a look back at the world of baseball in Wellsville during the post World War II era. My uncle, Bill Hendrick, was a teenager and young adult during that ‘hayday’ and remembers it all very well. That golden age of baseball in Wellsville created many lifelong connections for Hendrick, becoming close friends with legends like Harry Minor and Elrod Hendrick(no relation.)

Part one of the series talks about what baseball meant for small town life growing up in Wellsville. Learn about the history of the Wellsville teams and how much the players shaped the community.

Fassett Lane makes our sports coverage possible

In part two, read the profiles of some greats that emerged from Wellsville’s baseball teams. You may be surprised that legends like Don Zimmer, Phil Neikro, and Elrod Hendrick have Wellsville roots.

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