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2022 Election Candidates in Allegany County


A lack of competition, or even a lack of any candidate, is the big news of this election cycle

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By Andrew Harris

Early voting has already begun and Election Day is just over one week away. In Allegany County most elections are simply a formality, only four county-wide elections are a contest.

While unchallenged incumbencies are not rare thing in our small county elections, the number of times that “NO Candidate,” appears is unsettling. Participation in local government is a major problem for Allegany County.

In Alma, the job of Highway Superintendent is always front and center. Lawsuits, resignations, state investigations, and non-stop political discord have become commonplace in the little town, and most of that trouble involves this elected position. If voters approve, this would be the final election for the job of highway superintendent. The Proposition on the ballot asks voters to pass a new local law which will make the highway superintendent from an elected official to an appointed department head. You can read a recent Letter to the Editor on the subject here.

The town of Birdsall is holding another contested election for town justice. Dustin Gordon is running as a Republican against Roy Hanks, the “Hanks for Justice” candidate.

Granger is also voting for a town justice job. Candidates William Murphy and Todd Smith will be competing for that increasingly difficult job. Smith is the Republican on the ballot while Murphy has chosen the customized party line of “Murphy for Justice.”

The village of Angelica is only other contest in Allegany County with a choice on the ballot. Three candidates are vying for two spots on the village board. Jane Tylenda is running as a Republican, Linda Cash is the Democratic party choice, and Craig Miller appears on the ballot as both a Republican and Democrat.

Countywide, voters will be asked to make the new Sheriff of Allegany County official. Veteran lawman and currenty Allegany County Undersheriff Scott Cicirello is running for the job unopposed.

All voters will be asked to vote on a state proposition:

Town Offices
ALFRED No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
ALLENSupervisor TFV Vote for ONEErica TorreyREP
 Justice Vote for ONEWilliam MurphyMurphy for Justice
ALMAJustice Vote for ONEBrent DickersonREP
 Councilman TFV (1yr) Vote for ONEBill CoxDEM
 Superintendent of Highways TFV  Vote for ONETom DannheimREP
  Shaun TaylorTaylor for Highway
 Proposal two, Twon Proposition oneShall the Resolution adopted by the Town Board on July 26, 2022, entitiled “A Local Law Changing the Elected Office of Town Superintendent of Highways to Apointed Town Superintendent of Highways for the Town of Alma commencing January 1, 2025” be approved?
ALMONDCouncilman TFV (1yr) Vote for ONENathan WoodruffREP
AMITY No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
ANDOVER No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
ANGELICA No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
BELFAST No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
BIRDSALLJustice Vote for ONEDustin L. GordonREP
  Roy HanksHanks for Justice
BOLIVAR No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
BURNSJustice Vote for ONETaylor A. KarnesDEM
 Dustin L. GordonREP
CANEADEAJustice Vote for ONENO Candidate
CLARKSVILLECouncilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONENO Candidate
CUBAJustice Vote for ONEJames W. GalatioREP
Councilman TFV Vote for ONEWilliam BeckREP
FRIENDSHIPJustice Vote for ONEDavid M. SzucsREP
GENESEECouncilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONENO Candidate
Councilman TFV (3 yr) Vote for OneThomas H. WindusREP
GRANGERJustice Vote for ONETodd SmithREP
  William MurphyMurphy for Justice
GROVEJustice Vote for ONEDustin L. GordonREP
HUME No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
INDEPENDENCECouncilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONEThomas BissettBissett for Council
NEW HUDSONCouncilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONENO Candidate
RUSHFORDJustice Vote for ONENO Candidate
 Councilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONERandy GreenREP
SCIOJustice Vote for ONENO Candidate
Councilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONENO Candidate
WARD No Town Contests for 2022 General Election
WELLSVILLECouncilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONEJeffrey S. OrmsbyREP
Superintendent of Highways TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONEBrian SmithREP
WEST ALMONDSupervisor TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONETrevor BurtREP
Clerk  TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONEBonnie NelsonREP
Councilman  TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONEMark BainbridgeREP
 Proposal two, Town propostition oneShall Introductory Local Law No.1 of 2022 entitled, “A Locak Law to Change the Office of Town Clerk from an Elective to an Appointive Office” be Approved?
WILLINGCouncilman TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONEPeter D. HavensHavens for Council
WIRTCouncilman  (4 yrs) Vote for TWOLarry BedowREP
  Christie L. MillerREP
Superintendent of Highways TFV (1 yr) Vote for ONECurtis A. Rung, SrREP
Village Offices
ANDOVERTrustee (2yrs) Vote for TWOMelanie ThorpDEM
  Scott UpdykeUpdyke for Trustee
ANGELICAJustice TFV (3 yrs) Vote for ONENO Candidate
 Trustees (2yrs) Vote for TWOLinda S. CashDEM
  Craig H. MillerDEM/REP
  Jane TylendaREP
WELLSVILLETrustee (4 yrs) Vote forTWOJeffrey B. MonroeREP
  Michael A. RoeskeREP
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